Lana Zuyeva Another New Year
added on Jan 01, 2015
Lana Zuyeva Another New Year - 1
Happy New Year, lovers and haters. Lana Zuyeva is starting 2015 with the new role of mother. I know the last time I posted a pregnant girl on here there was some controversy. I have a feeling some of you will think that is was I am after. But in reality, I simply find expectant mothers to be beautiful and I know some of you agree. Lana is an amazing woman who gave up Russia to live in the States. I have visited friends in Russia a few times and our languages and cultures are quite different. So anyone who can traverse that obstacle earns much of my respect. Enjoy the rare treat.
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Weewee : mommy about 1 month ago
Wildman73 : love the preggos more of them please so juicy 11 months ago
slriggib : Lana is drop dead gorgeous even though I feel a tad weird ogling this fine pregnant body that's hella sexy 12 months ago
Curved : Absolutely stunning. over 1 year ago
Taffy Lewis : I just rediscovered this set and had to say WTF cares what the prudes and haters say. Naked pregnant women are insanely hot on an animal level. And Lana is one of the hottest! Thanks for taking such a great set of her. almost 2 years ago
redHen : Thank you so much, new to the site, but this is as someone stated unicorn! about 3 years ago
Blkstln : 3 years later and this set is still one of the best!! Gorgeous lady!! Sexy! about 3 years ago
ratboy : Wow this is a hot set! Thanks for the pregnant girl. This set is a unicorn over 3 years ago
PatrynXX : Pregnant models are the hottest :) over 3 years ago
CART : Great model. She's hot! about 4 years ago
barefootboy : all bare and pregnant... magically beautiful.... Id love to kiss her feet and massage her breasts about 4 years ago
KazakJoe : Didn't realize it has been 2 years, until Ratboy posted. over 4 years ago
ratboy : 2 years later and I'm still looking at this set. Wow! over 4 years ago
Henchman07 : Simply exotic.... over 4 years ago
Alterion : Amazing! Pregnant hot woman, and she has a bush! over 4 years ago
CidBlacke : super sexy. Id put another one in her oven. mmmm about 5 years ago
WayneCon : I don't have any problem with putting a returning pregnant model on here. They are still sexy women. It seemed that this set was way to big. No pun intended. There are some models I would love 100 photos of and we get 20 - 30, try a little harder Zach. OK, I know now you generally do bigger sets. over 5 years ago
muttley : is picture 10 a metaphor for what her vagina will look like after the birth ? over 5 years ago
jimthetruckdriver : Beautiful, Sexy, Sweet,,, Awesome over 5 years ago
sarduchi : Awesome!!! What a sweet heart?!!! Love pregnant girls a lot!!! Thank YoU...Please share more, Andy, US almost 6 years ago
rockhopper29 : "Sharkee" a follow up too your question on her nationality (not Russian at all) you can see her having sex with a big dick porn guy known as Voodoo on the Reality Kings porn site where she goes under the name of Kathryn and clearly has no foreign accent, pure America. about 6 years ago
axiom49 : Lana is beautiful, real. and life. Thanks for staying Zish. And I'm apart of the "everyone" group. Was I supposed to be embarrassed? Fortunately I'm no longer stuck watching another anonymous close up of a vagina being pumped by a douche bag penis. Thanks Zach. over 6 years ago
joeyz69 : magnificent! over 6 years ago
Humanicus : I enjoy the pregnant girls. I think it's sexy every once in a while. over 6 years ago
rockhopper29 : Kathrine Ross. Just do a little investigation. She has several speaking parts albeit small in her sex scenes. But not to make a big deal out of it. I really don't care if her name is whatever. But the pics of her sticking her entire hand inside her pussy is not a turn on to me, but might be to the future father who knows? over 6 years ago
Sharkee : @rockhopper if she isn't Russian how do you explain the trailer found here?: over 6 years ago
rockhopper29 : This old gal has been around the internet a long time doing porn, even after letting herself get impregnated, she still continues to show off. Her kid will have a lot to learn when they ask the question, mommy what did you do when you were young.................. over 6 years ago
thoughtwreck : Fucking hot over 6 years ago
TheDude : Happy New Year to everyone. +1 with other supporters to congrat you Zach about this set. Anybody else feel free to share your negative feelings as long as you DO NOT insult the models. Thanks. over 6 years ago
wdeblase : I'm getting sick of all the hairy asshole pictures. There not sexy. over 6 years ago
gieletti : Beautiful woman, natural and sexy. I Love these pictures of real women.. Have you ever thought of photographing slightly more curvy women, for example Noelle Easton style... there are so many different women that variety is the best way to enjoy them. Thanks over 6 years ago
Johnny Tees : Lucky baby going to breast feed on those titties! over 6 years ago
henry88 : Hotstuff!!! over 6 years ago
moopieb : Interesting shoot. over 6 years ago
haposai : the pictures are nice... some of them are remarkable... but I don't enjoy too much of pregnant women... I think the same pictures of a young woman were better... over 6 years ago
pale.ale : haha - so much healthy debate! I see preggo lovers presenting a united front. i will just skip this set :) over 6 years ago
yaujta : sir are a complete moron...but due to living in a democracy I respect your right to say what you did. But you couldn't be more wrong about both this model and the site in general. Keep up the great work'll always have my subscription :) over 6 years ago
larryirun : I greatly appreciate this photo shoot along with the site in general! Keep up the great work and have a happy New Year!! over 6 years ago
arsmoriendi : dakeg217 where's your website where you photograph people in intimate and candid settings and set up your studio lights for each part of the shoot? Oh that's right you don't have one. over 6 years ago
Diablo7 : I don't normally like the pregnancy shots but this girl still manages to be hot in these pictures over 6 years ago
bswanwick : this is beautiful. keep up the good work! over 6 years ago
Ariegrunn : wow, stunning over 6 years ago
Rubbl3z : Gorgeous start to 2015... thank you! over 6 years ago
smith2 : Congratulations for this great work. You know put the woman in value, especially pregnant women. They are the culmination of a woman's life their faces are radiant and rassurrant, they wear life in them. You knew after Danica Ensley, enter all his emotions in mothers. Again congratulations for this first set photos of 2015 do we start the year with good news for Lana. Continue this and Happy New Year to you. over 6 years ago
elportonative77 : I immensely enjoy your sets Zach and I implore you to keep them coming. Most of the negativity I see on these comment threads are from the same users who are never satisfied no matter what you do. So I say tune them out and carry on. As for the pregnant women I agree with you in that they are beautiful, incredibly beautiful in my opinion. Anyways..Carry on! over 6 years ago
Ison13 : Ignore the haters, I love this site. Keep up the great work Zack. Happy new year to all. :) over 6 years ago
dakeg217 : Subscription canceled. This has become embarrassing for everyone involved. Girls you can see on 100 other sites, sets if 50 broken into 2 parts and sets of 104 all together depending on your mood, the photographic quality and intrigue that drew me in the first place has been replaced by predictability and poor lighting (how many times can you shoot a girl in front of a window? At least bring some lighting besides your on camera flash with you.) Goodbye. over 6 years ago