Kimmy Diedrick Trying Tempe
added on Dec 20, 2014
Kimmy Diedrick Trying Tempe - 1
Hi Kimmy, I just wanted to say you were great to photograph again. Tempe, Arizona is a beautiful place to visit, at least in December. I am not so sure about during the warmer months. Thanks for driving up from Tucson to hang and take the photos. Your arms and legs are some of the most flexible that I have ever seen. Are you still smoking hella weed and attending comic book conventions? Recently, I have killed some time by watching people get stoned on YouTube on a show called "Getting Doug with High". You might also enjoy it. Somehow it manages to be entertaining and cathartic even though I am not smoking along. Anyways, I truly hope all is well and that you have a great set of holidays. Perhaps, I will see you soon. z
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LickingVickyVoss : Can we have a Update asap please Zack? She's Sooo damn, delicious. This is the type of women i personally have been with mostly. They're Sooo damn delicious to Me !! about 1 year ago
every_breath24 : Please bring us more Kimmie!!! over 3 years ago
waydownsouth : CanĀ“t go wrong with a redhead wearing red pumps. almost 5 years ago
WayneCon : Yeah, she reminds me of Alicia Witt and Molly C Quinn from Castle. Such a sexy cutie. Definitely one I would love to see a yearly update from. almost 5 years ago
Ralphy12 : Great feet pics!!! keep them coming! over 5 years ago
Toppador : Dick explodes in 20 seconds!! over 5 years ago
billmurraythebatman : I know I've already commented on this, but I am absolutely CRAZY about her! She's easily my new favorite. I hope we lots more of her! Excellent job, zach! And kimmy, your beauty is astonishing and your personality adds to your beauty and sex appeal greatly. over 5 years ago
billmurraythebatman : Adorable and sexy. I love her! over 5 years ago
moopieb : Balls are as blue as her panties. Hoping for a part two. over 5 years ago
Apho : Oh kimmy, you are amazing. How can I meet up with your cute face? over 5 years ago
Johnny Tees : I like pic 62 asshole behind thong. It looks like she does anal. over 5 years ago
Oh Yeah : Think we'll be needing a litt-le bit more of her. Lovely. over 5 years ago
davymidnight : Mmm bendy fun! over 5 years ago
chevsky : Kimmy Rules! More please. over 5 years ago
rockhopper29 : Another cute little redhead, I love em' small,medium and large, just something about their hair and eyes and light skin with freckles that does it for me. One of my prior girlfriends was a beautiful natural redhead and she was the best lover I ever had. Nice set here. over 5 years ago
billzish : Nice set . Reminds me of Richard Kern. over 5 years ago
Diablo7 : Oh hell yeah it's good seeing her again...Kimmy is prime-time! over 5 years ago
nasese : I love a good red, she is amazing over 5 years ago
every_breath : 56 should would have been a gift without the hand. Love the slope of her beautiful breast laying like that. Please bend over backwards to keep bringing her back... over 5 years ago
every_breath : Just in time for Christmas, Kimmy returns with probably one of the most needed follow ups on the site. She reminds me a bit of actress Alicia Witt for her good looks and facial expressions (4,24,50..)I wonder if the personalities might even be similar. I love 37 for the lighting on her hair and her looking down. To think a lady like that might walk into a comic book store makes me happier than Homer Simpson in a Duff commercial. Hope the New Year brings even more of this girl. over 5 years ago