Anya Amsel Venice Is Crazy
added on Dec 02, 2014
Anya Amsel Venice Is Crazy - 1
Anya Amsel does not buckle under the stress of doing something risque with people around. She was as cool as a cucumber when a belligerent (and probably rank) hobo asked for a hug and to get in on the photos. Anya even thought that my idea to modify her bikini top was fun. Sheez! Talk about a girl who is down for the Zishy cause. If you are guessing these photos were taken earlier in the year, you are correct. Currently, it is sweater season here. Makes me think of that meme: "The best part of Winter is ... watching it on TV from L.A." The acoustic version of "Interesting Times" by Chester French is the song on the bonus video. It is the only track I could connect with on their second album, but I was a big fan of their first.
Anya Amsel Venice Is Crazy - 2
Anya Amsel Venice Is Crazy - 3
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Bonus Video Clip

she is just GORGEOUS no other words!
AndyC - over 3 years ago
A gift from heaven; especially her face is amazing
Damon99 - almost 4 years ago
She has such a great smile. Nice.
Bradley2099 - over 4 years ago
Nice shoulders
HenryJ - over 4 years ago
Beautiful, sexy, super fun girl! Awesome!
davymidnight - almost 5 years ago
Lol Socrates. Venice is a shithole. I concur.
oldmrfletcher - almost 5 years ago
My god... perfection.
strykerman - almost 5 years ago
I think I just fell in love. This girl is a knock-out, and the photos are superb. Love how you had her flashing without actually lifting her top. Very cool idea using the bikini top as bra behind a see-through tank top.
maxwolf9 - almost 5 years ago
Venice beach is fitting for her, shes look like a crackhead in most of these photos.
Socrates - almost 5 years ago
Lovely. lovely girl. Dig the track in the vid as well! Thanks for the share.
Ralurard - almost 5 years ago
Cool. This is a different side to Anya from the previous set. Both sides are great :)
arsmoriendi - almost 5 years ago
Another outstanding set. would like to see more of her harry pussy.
ifd474 - almost 5 years ago
Sorry, but a little on the thin side. Not my type.
rockhopper29 - almost 5 years ago
Bravo! So beautiful. Such charisma! The FEELS.
ericnoterique - almost 5 years ago
She's sexy.
moopieb - almost 5 years ago
Honestly, why are there not more sets of her?
Cactuscat23 - almost 5 years ago