Kenna James Pumpkin Patch
added on Oct 24, 2014
Kenna James Pumpkin Patch - 1
I knew right from the get-go that I liked Kenna James. I explained that we would have a long drive and probably hit some traffic getting to Underwood Farms. But we both agreed that an authentic Autumn experience was worth the sacrifice. So we grabbed some tacos and jumped on the highway. Our visit was a blast. The weather was perfect, we got lost in a corn maze, took plenty of adventurous photos and Kenna fell in love with the goats and chickens. She is currently in school pursuing veterinary medicine. Kenna says she used to be a shy girl. Guess those days are long behind her. The song in the bonus video is Harry McClintock's "Big Rock Candy Mountain".
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Kenna James Pumpkin Patch - 3
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Bonus HD Video Clip

ZISHY : i am foull in LOVE with you 7 months ago
Bando : What a pumpkin! 7 months ago
Curly : It's a great song. It appears in the Cohen Brothers film " Oh Brother Were Art To Thu? " Cute video. That dress really suits Kenna. Very Sexy. over 1 year ago
appleman : id like to smell her piss almost 3 years ago
ohw_fr : Very good work, great use and choice of the setting. about 3 years ago
wink : So full of life and happiness!!! Wow! Love love love!! about 4 years ago
wink : Oh God - I'd love to hang with her! Muuuah !! about 4 years ago
Gage700 : One of my favs 5/5 over 4 years ago
paragonhelix : havent been to the underwood farm for pumkins, these pictures makes a trip tempting. over 4 years ago
muttley : Pic 73 .... puffy nipples are the best .....but only 1 side on picture :( about 5 years ago
fitz9fitz : This is the best shoot on Zishy. This one has it all... More like this shoot, please!!! about 5 years ago
WayneCon : What a fun set! I love all the places you shot here. Such variety and such a Beauty! Kenna is sexy and I love a girl in white, thank you. about 5 years ago
swaghouse : Absolutely Speechless! about 5 years ago
Vollsau : What a hot shoot!! over 5 years ago
martymcbutterfly : plate 109 that is one good lookin' hen.... over 5 years ago
axiom49 : Smiles all around. almost 6 years ago
every_breath : Love the dress, the girl, and the shoot. Occasionally she reminds me of Katherine Heigl. Nice melons amid the pumpkins. This flirtatious girl must be a lot of fun in the hay. almost 6 years ago
eielavedepaso336 : beautiful angel almost 6 years ago
Ison13 : I've instantly fallen in love with Kenna, so beautiful! This set is so flirty and fun...perfection! almost 6 years ago
Humblepi : Nice video and great photos. Glad to see you are brave enough to let us see nipples. almost 6 years ago
m.rob13 : OMG......Pic #65 almost 6 years ago
tankboy506 : The girlfriend i'll never have....absolutely beautiful and sensual. almost 6 years ago
Johnny Tees : I like almost 6 years ago
Jscbgddy : Perfection Zach! Bravo! almost 6 years ago
Mickeyjai : shoots like this is why I keep my membership almost 6 years ago
orlando218 : She's gorgeous!! almost 6 years ago
Georgehaze2525 : Wow! I think I'm in love! More of her right now!!!!! almost 6 years ago
princefan79 : Cute & Sexy! almost 6 years ago
moopieb : Refreshing! almost 6 years ago
Peerakuura : Fantastic. Perhaps little bit finger in... almost 6 years ago
thoughtwreck : She is fucking gorgeous almost 6 years ago
Soufflet : Absolutely stunning - in every respect. almost 6 years ago
blanco0311 : this is the most perfect gallery posted so far. almost 6 years ago
Blackdoc : Best nut I've ever busted on this site, best tits best ass, most important sexiest face. 10/10 almost 6 years ago
strykerman : A new favorite! Perfect set! almost 6 years ago
rockhopper29 : She is a fantastic little flasher. It used to have my girlfriend do those things, which she enjoyed in public places. It got her hot and I enjoyed the followup. almost 6 years ago
Markus23 : Perfect set, perfect Girl with a fab smile, colourful and interesting photos at a great location. More like this set please. almost 6 years ago
Netdog53 : Fun and sexy! More... almost 6 years ago
DT : Please let us download the video!!!! almost 6 years ago
jjpalooka : Perfect embodiment of Zishy. Solid Ten. almost 6 years ago
PD268 : Another good shoot. almost 6 years ago
Bogart : This is a beautiful photo shoot of a lovely girl. So Zach Zishy, why did you have to ruin it by throwing in some photos of a cock? ;+) almost 6 years ago
arsmoriendi : Wow this is a hot shoot, and looks like you both had so much fun too :) almost 6 years ago
bowfinger : sweet and sexy :) almost 6 years ago
ifd474 : All i have to say is WOW! almost 6 years ago
dheluu : Quelle beauté...... Magnifique almost 6 years ago
DenisU : Simply one of the best! about 6 years ago
bootbuckle10 : 22,23,36,37,68,70 about 6 years ago
edgarallanpoe : I love that ring. about 6 years ago