Veronica Weston Blonde For Breakfast added on Oct 08, 2014

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Can you tell that Veronica Weston enjoys performing for the camera? Can you tell that her sex appeal originates from her confidence and love for fun? There is a lot I can learn from Veronica; namely, that happiness is for the taking. So take it. The Doors' "Love me two times" is the song in the bonus video.
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Bonus Video Clip

love her laugh
bribear2 - 9 months ago
ivonete69 - almost 3 years ago
Zack, you are now my new hero, as a matter of fact this set, especially the video, so awesome that I plan to name my next child after you......boy or girl!
Stig - over 3 years ago
I would enjoy eating her for breakfast, with a side of her feet!
Ralphy12 - almost 4 years ago
she can brush her tongue in my shower anytime. Glad she's back.
axiom49 - about 4 years ago
Idiotizmo!@!!Foolly girl must SUCKED BIG DICKs...
andrey1999 - about 4 years ago
For the record, if I'm right (below) this makes me the Sherlock Holmes of smacked ass haha
Blender - over 4 years ago
At the beginning of the video it looks like she has a spanked handprint on each cheek. I think our boy Zack got to spank that ass. Well done sir. Well done.
Blender - over 4 years ago
Addicting booty shaker!
FunXs - over 4 years ago
Superb...! mor like this please... one of the best!
haposai - over 4 years ago
Veronica you are the definition of beauty sweetheart, awesome job.
persianj - over 4 years ago
You know it's a good gallary when your dick is rock hard in under 1 minute.
moopieb - over 4 years ago
bootbuckle10 - over 4 years ago
I love an ass like that on a white girl.
Johnny Tees - over 4 years ago
Awesome job, Zach! She is absolutely gorgeous and so sexy! Everything about this is right on!
billmurraythebatman - over 4 years ago
This whole set is absolutely superb in every possible way...outstanding.
Diablo7 - over 4 years ago
Zach, take whatever track you want to. nice girl. I like your pen(photo) name. Stephen King wrote on the pen name of "Richard Bachman" as did several other writers. I like the changing room in the previous set. reminds me of some younger daliances with a girl friend who worked in a clothing store.
bowfinger - over 4 years ago
Veronica is my absolute favorite so far that I've seen on this site. Absolutely amazing photography! She has such an amazing body and lovely personality.
orlando218 - over 4 years ago
Pic #38 would look great on the home page of the site!!
m.rob13 - over 4 years ago
Shake that thing !!!
tagsu3 - over 4 years ago
Interesting, those are the same panties she was wearing in October 13,2013 shoot. Almost a year ago.
rockhopper29 - over 4 years ago
strykerman - over 4 years ago
Now we you are back on track "Zack Venice", nice photo work, beautiful girl, great venue. Nothing better than a beautiful girl in white panties, except the same girl out of the panties..... Nice
rockhopper29 - over 4 years ago
I'd give her 10 stars if I could!
joesnickers - over 4 years ago