Coco Rose Venice Optics added on Sep 28, 2014

Coco Rose Venice Optics - 1
I took these pics after Coco Rose showed off her scandalous homemade bikini on the sands of Venice Beach. I found this very peculiar-looking dress at a thrift store and I knew it warranted being photographed. Sheer, tight, and a bold blue: the perfect garb for a perfect model. Coco drew the attention of a friendly stoner who requested a guest appearance on Zishy. Poor bastard had just been questioned by cops as we took the shots in front of the graffiti wall, but obviously they let him walk. I am not a huge advocate of marijuana use. Many people end up abusing it, just like any other drug. However, Venice Beach should be the one place in L.A. where you can be stoned in peace.
Coco Rose Venice Optics - 2
Coco Rose Venice Optics - 3
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son of a bitch. . . i just shot a load to this cunt. wow.
LITTLE loser - 7 months ago
wish she had a pair of white panties on and showed us
kgjoe2010 - almost 2 years ago
oooooh shit yea! Encore!
Kiwidude - about 2 years ago
I am enthralled with her sexiness and beauty
wink - over 2 years ago
Great set of photos, thanks.
lonic123 - over 2 years ago
what a thigh gap! More of this girl PLS
tristanb55 - about 3 years ago
My favourite Shots are pics like number 1 and 2...see thru dress type pics..extremely rare and - as anything..
smiley981 - over 3 years ago
Nice set with that cool dress and sexy pics of an sexy lady.
WayneCon - over 3 years ago
This site kinda sucks. Beautiful girls....Awful pics
Buddyray - almost 4 years ago
Disappointing set?? This is one of the best sets I've seen so far. Her body is perfect!!
jerald - almost 4 years ago
Another disappointing set. I'm very close to cancel
zer0 - over 4 years ago
I want to smell her bum.
Johnny Tees - over 4 years ago
Coco, has an amazing ass and such a beautiful body.
orlando218 - over 4 years ago
My balls match her dress. Ouch, she's hot.
moopieb - over 4 years ago
@pitchin4 See my reply in the Dasha Krasova Sunset East gallery. There is no personal favoritism in the rating system.
Zach Venice - over 4 years ago
I would lay down my life to mow her box! What amazingly delicious pussy lips ... I bet that they taste even better than they look! I cannot decide if I like this set better or the one where she is wearing white yoga pants and develops a wet spot during the shoot. :-P (|)
Box Mower - over 4 years ago
Absolutely amazing arse
pablosoze - over 4 years ago
arsmoriendi - over 4 years ago
Stunning girl, great set
Jeep2011 - over 4 years ago
very pretty, sweet tight body ;)
bowfinger - over 4 years ago
How could you rate her a 3 ?? She's a ten !!!
tagsu3 - over 4 years ago