April Grantham Even Bad Girls added on Sep 26, 2014

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Firstly, I already know what you are thinking... What the hell does GICU mean? Let me put your mind at ease: Girls In Cute Underwear. This guy, Doug, publishes a blog called 'girlsincuteunderwear'. Find it on Tumblr. He has been a Zishy sponsor for well over a year and from time to time he asks me to take some GICU-branded shots. Now on to April Grantham, she is 18 and is wonderful. She attends college in Washington and considers herself a fairy/pixie. I had to ask her to explain, but she was elusive, which is probably one of the traits of a fairy. I am going to venture and say that some other fairy qualities are being charming, spiritual, beautiful, positive, and fascinated by nature. I did not see her take flight, but there is definitely something magical to April.
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What a gorgeous little ass. Would love to lick her out and fuck her ass and pussy hard.
LICKMYTASTY - 8 months ago
Really love her sets. She is excellent. Would love more of her.
antithesis - almost 2 years ago
This set is the reason I joined this site. I would love to see more of her.
Mmm mmm mmm - over 2 years ago
so incredibly fun and beautiful, my heart melts
wink - over 2 years ago
Beautiful woman beautifully captured. Thank you
LorenaLover - over 2 years ago
Best set I have seen so far
Zephyr - about 3 years ago
My favorite
Lord_Wraith - about 3 years ago
So cute and I'm not seeing any ink- Good for her!
2lapuerta - over 3 years ago
She looks like she'd be really fun in bed...............
2lapuerta - over 3 years ago
Would love to fondle those tits!
Fe3C - over 3 years ago
Photo 31 and 32 are some of the sexest you have of the girls still wearing clothes
hottyryder - over 3 years ago
I love the pubic hair peeking out! I want more of that!!!
scraggilybandit - almost 4 years ago
What a sexy sweet girl and quite playful. More of her and more like her.
WayneCon - almost 4 years ago
She is Gorgeous!!!
picclicker - almost 4 years ago
fullhdseksizle.net - about 4 years ago
I especially love the shot of her with that issue of Vice, because I can't help but think of a photo session of April and Steffi.
billmurraythebatman - about 4 years ago
I love her butthole behind thong view.
Johnny Tees - about 4 years ago
If she could be the next update, I'd be extremely happy!
edgarallanpoe - over 4 years ago
That is a great shoot - she is a fairy, pixie and a cutie
hottyryder - over 4 years ago
Wow! One of the most stunning girls I've seen online. Lovely!!
Hog - over 4 years ago
TheBebop - over 4 years ago
April you are more beautiful than can be described sweetheart, great work.
persianj - over 4 years ago
Awesome to say the least!!
m.rob13 - over 4 years ago
April is Gorgeous! Great smile, outstanding set of pic's. 5 stars.
Ison13 - over 4 years ago
Really, another installment of awesomeness on what has become my favorite glamour site ever.
rchangel - over 4 years ago
ifd474 - over 4 years ago
So feminine, so pretty, so friendly. Marvelous.
flaerndip0 - over 4 years ago
One of the BEST sets EVER.... Incredible model and pictures!!
Ithou69 - over 4 years ago
michrisna - over 4 years ago
I am impressed. Thanks.
MotleyFan - over 4 years ago
Holey Toledo! April is a keeper. More please.
handsomecharles - over 4 years ago
Nice job with this one!
moopieb - over 4 years ago
Wow! Awesome new model. You've got to bring her back, and you've got to get that wonderful butt into some Wunder Unders.
website2 - over 4 years ago
I love her sweet ass.
Johnny Tees - over 4 years ago
got yourself in the ass mirror shot dude gettin sloppy pretty girl
rockhopper29 - over 4 years ago
strykerman - over 4 years ago
Maybe the best set on the site.
jjpalooka - over 4 years ago
My favorite.
zshy - over 4 years ago
BigPete009 - over 4 years ago
bowfinger - over 4 years ago
My favorite girl on the site...
michrisna - over 4 years ago
This is a great set. lovely Girl with an infectious smile and a stunning body. Great set of photos, definite 5 stars from me!
Markus23 - over 4 years ago
I like the way she looks in those orange panties...nice little bod and cute smile.
Weston 11 - over 4 years ago
Absolutely incredible beauty and definitely in cute underwear. Well done!
Meltin - over 4 years ago