Kimmy Diedrick Swim Like Hell
added on Sep 11, 2014
Kimmy Diedrick Swim Like Hell - 1
It was before noon when I took these photos of Kate Hudson, I mean, Kimmy Diedrick. She is the first and only girl to ever have asked me to show her identification upon meeting. I guess she wanted to be certain that she was in the presence of the renowned Zach Venice. Pssh. Actually, I did not mind. If a girl needs me to suck on my toe so she feels more comfortable, I only need to know which foot, right or left? There are very few ways to improve the sight of a beautiful pool for my eyes. Dipping a beautiful girl like Kimmy in it is one of them. There's a bit of Mac Demarco's "Baby's wearing blue jeans" in the bonus video.
Kimmy Diedrick Swim Like Hell - 2
Kimmy Diedrick Swim Like Hell - 3
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Bonus HD Video Clip

MJS1979 : the portrait shots in water are very cool, classy and stylish would like to see more portrait shots but hey that's just me lol about 2 years ago
Dusty Roads : Hey Zach, I try to be honest in life. When your shots are great I say so. When they should be in BH&G I say that too. You have a pretty girl here and she almost pretends to show herself to a million guys (and maybe a few women too) but a 22 second video where she can't even figure out how to smile. A model usually learns how to smile on the first day. But again I ask; why bother with a 22 second that has nothing interesting to display. Two or three people (above) mentioned that the video was not working. I think that it was just so what that they thought it was broken. Or maybe it was broken then you fixed it and some, like me, wondered why. Just sayin' brother. BTW, I do understand that it was a few years ago. You've improved since then but still you were still . . . never mind. Thanks for everything~ over 2 years ago
superosc99 : need more of this model almost 4 years ago
redmack : Video not working over 4 years ago
every_breath : Kate Hudson? Every time I look at her--and she is really one to come back to often(!)--I think of Alicia Witt, probably most remembered for her work on Cybill. over 5 years ago
every_breath : All I want for Xmas...or at least the beginning of the new year is another Kimmy shoot. almost 6 years ago
PEDALE90 : were i can find this girl naked? about 6 years ago
Jscbgddy : Video not working!? about 6 years ago
blanco0311 : she is precious, great work once again. about 6 years ago
voyeur13 : Very gorgeous! Great set! about 6 years ago
moopieb : What a body. This was 4-5 pics away from being the best gallery ever...need more. about 6 years ago
bowfinger : Hot, hot hot. great photography. brought back memories of being a pool lifeguard and being paid to stare at T&A all day and doing a little seducing. about 6 years ago
nasese : I'm in love. about 6 years ago
Oh Yeah : Exceptionelle. about 6 years ago
Jeep2011 : Boy oh boy! Stunning girl, stunning set xxxx about 6 years ago
Widmerpool : Love 63 about 6 years ago
billmurraythebatman : Gorgreous! about 6 years ago
nightrider : Very HOT in that red tank top! I always did love red heads! about 6 years ago
website2 : Yes! about 6 years ago