Anya Amsel At Rainbow Acres added on Sep 05, 2014

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The Star of David is also a symbol that has Pagan origins before it was adopted by the Hebrew religion. It is used to dispel evil. Anya Amsel is the type of person that would know this since she is intrigued by the Wiccan culture. She educated me a bit as we took risky pictures in one of my favorite health food stores near Venice Beach. Anya is vegan, tall, beautiful, soft-spoken, adventurous, sensual, sensitive, and a downright pleasant person. It appears that her camming has garnered Anya a loyal fan-base. Google her name and admire this talented young woman. More of her to come here as well.
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She is definetely a beautiful tease...and that skirt...mmmhhhh
Lasota - about 1 year ago
So very cute! muuuuuaaahhhhh !!
wink - over 2 years ago
Great model and outfit, like in store shoots.
Deangaffney - over 2 years ago
stunner. ass shots=me happy
CidBlacke - about 3 years ago
WOW!!!! Excellent ass shots!
coldcatz - over 3 years ago
I've been a fan of hers for a few years. And she puts on a stellar show in Chaturbate. I hope you have more of her here. I like this more sensual/seductive stuff. It's like a tease.
filthandfun - almost 4 years ago
WOW. This girl is a blast!
billmurraythebatman - over 4 years ago
time2show - over 4 years ago
I like the butthole behind thong view.
Johnny Tees - over 4 years ago
God Anya is so pretty! FINALLY the pcitures are up! Can't wait for the other sets! Anya keeps talking about how much fun she had on this shoot; you can see why!
joeblowjoeblow - over 4 years ago
Quite possibly my favorite set on the site. Anya is incredibly seductive...
Ithou69 - over 4 years ago
perfect amount of tease.
CPH2017 - over 4 years ago
Very Nice
BigPete009 - over 4 years ago
She lights up the world with her smile. Her blue eyes ablaze with sensuous mischief and life. Her lovely spirit radiates electric from the inside. Captivating. Wonderful. Sexy. Oh, and those chocolates she's munching on are the best!
ericnoterique - over 4 years ago
Happy Friday! That was an unexpected treat of perfection!
moopieb - over 4 years ago
Wowzers ...
hoosierpapa - over 4 years ago
Definately 5 starts from me, this is a great set of pics.
Markus23 - over 4 years ago
Ahhh, love these so much! Can't wait to see the other sets! ^.^ Thank you so much for the lovely notes too! <3
anya96 - over 4 years ago
Oh wow. Very lovely. Also, last!
edgarallanpoe - over 4 years ago