Giselle Locke Raising Spirits Pt 1 added on Aug 29, 2014

Giselle Locke Raising Spirits Pt 1 - 1
I had to curb my enthusiasm when Giselle Locke showed me her old cheer squad outfit that she still kept in her closet. I was never a jock in school, but those cheerleaders sure made every guy want to become one. Have the prettiest, most energetic girls cheer the team on as they try to defeat their foes. Whoever came up with the idea is a human genius. You have no idea how often I feel like Lester Burnham from that hypnotic scene in American Beauty, which is one of my all-time favorite films.
Giselle Locke Raising Spirits Pt 1 - 2
Giselle Locke Raising Spirits Pt 1 - 3
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Where i found more pictures or Videos? Giselle is amazing!!
Icaro - about 1 year ago
Where i found more pictures or Videos? Giselle is amazing!!
Icaro - about 1 year ago
she makes me throb...
achro - over 1 year ago
Giselle is simply irresistible! Beautiful and so cute! I'm afraid: I'm in love, hopelessly...
Amorph73 - almost 2 years ago
love this babe
THIRDEYEOFSAMAEL - over 2 years ago
damn monique, looking good ;)
creeperphotos616 - about 3 years ago
Attractive girl, looking forward to part two.
WayneCon - about 3 years ago
Soooooooooo gorgeous!!! Soooooooooo sexy! I'm crossing my fingers for lots more of her.
billmurraythebatman - almost 4 years ago
Very nice lovely smile, I would like to see her use the shaving kit.
BOBW - about 4 years ago
Very nice look as a cheerleader! Yes, they all seemed to have white panties just to tease us... keep teasing!!!
nightrider - about 4 years ago
Definitely a spirit rising shoot, but next time insist on white panties. No self respecting cheerleader would be caught dead with grey cotton panties. They need to be pulled off immediately.
rockhopper29 - about 4 years ago
Too tame
marcogiacinto - about 4 years ago
I can't believe it's taken this long to get around to using one of the most iconic outfits of any guy's memories, the very essence of "tease" that this site promotes. Heck, the very word cheerleader will make guys check out a site. About time, folks! And well done.
Rushmore24 - about 4 years ago
I'm like Boner :3 Boner :3 Boner :3 a perfect combo
Wigglewaff - about 4 years ago
BigPete009 - about 4 years ago
Lovely ass!
orlando218 - about 4 years ago
nice ass
Johnny Tees - about 4 years ago
Major potential...
moopieb - about 4 years ago
hell yesssss.. more cheerleader uniforms would be quite alright with me!
Diablo7 - about 4 years ago
Give me a "C" for camel-toe, cotton panties, cute girl in crotch shots. Giselle cheered me up!...great tease pics. Thanks Zach. ...more sets like this please and thank you!
Weston 11 - about 4 years ago
andrey1999 - about 4 years ago
She's very cute. And I don't mind just being teased as long as it's not boring, and she is not boring at all. Nice one. Hope to see more.
sparksde - about 4 years ago
3 in a row....????
MotleyFan - about 4 years ago