Rose Belford Fanta Teen
added on Aug 23, 2014
Rose Belford Fanta Teen - 1
This is Rose Belford's room. It housed an interesting collection from her childhood. She just recently turned 18 in these photos. I could quickly tell that Rose has a unique personality and most likely, a disregard for what the popular kids find 'cool'. Just the same, it was apparent that as Rose was coming of age, her beauty and sexuality was in bloom. While I photographed the redheaded teen, I felt quite fortunate to obtain such an intimate glimpse into her world--both past and present.
Rose Belford Fanta Teen - 2
Rose Belford Fanta Teen - 3
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pretty girl... creepy set.
gpro - over 1 year ago
Excelent shoot. Cute girl with awesome bush!
Alterion - over 2 years ago
love the ginger bush … and the perky little t...
greywolf - over 2 years ago
nice bush, hope we get to see more of her
zaxes1234 - almost 3 years ago
I love those pubes. She's perfect.
thonginspector - almost 4 years ago
Red head...check.... Unshaven......check......No tatoos....check.....yep pretty much perfect.
Sidekicker - about 4 years ago
Awesome set
bjl12 - about 4 years ago
Great shots of her feet!!! I want to put them in my mouth!
Ralphy12 - about 4 years ago
i keep blinking my eyes. I really thought i had already ripped those panties off......nope they're still there.......nope they're still there.........nope, they're still there...........<sigh>. You and your reds.............i'm glad.
axiom49 - over 4 years ago
Rose is delightful and your Gallery Notes complemented the photos. More, please!
Humblepi - over 4 years ago
I want to see more of this girl... Beautiful Ginger, so sexy, so hot
jch - almost 5 years ago
OMG. Haven't been tempted to comment until now. Is this real? It is a coming of age, indeed! Right before the lens :-)
princefan79 - almost 5 years ago
Totally fantastically hot set, you need to look her up and hopefully do another set! - please :-)
tigger6285 - almost 5 years ago
I want to shave her.
Johnny Tees - almost 5 years ago
These pics were taken back in 2012 also.
Zach Venice - almost 5 years ago
I'm confused. In this set you say that she just turned 18, however there is a set from oct 2012 on here.
Tinker - almost 5 years ago
She's a cutie and I love the sheer underwear.
voyeur13 - almost 5 years ago
She's exotic & hot & I like some of the bush, but IMO, it needs some trimming. Would like more of her.
moopieb - almost 5 years ago
Making a second account so I can give ten stars. Holy smokes!
rdhdftsh - almost 5 years ago
Excelent!!! please more like this... and absolutely more of her... more extreme...!! She's gorgeous!
haposai - almost 5 years ago
10 stars. 5 for the body and 5 for the bush :D
pale.ale - almost 5 years ago
Sweet ginger bush !!!
tagsu3 - almost 5 years ago
Well, well, well. It looks like the carpet matches the upholstery. :Q_______
Bogart - almost 5 years ago
Hot red!
rchangel - almost 5 years ago
Red hot
nasese - almost 5 years ago