Bristol Everett Very Texy added on Aug 21, 2014

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Yes, this gallery is a bit redundant. But my boss doesn't pay me enough to endure torture. And torture is what it feels like when deleting perfectly good photos of a gorgeous woman such as Bristol Everett. I mean, look at her. The girl has obviously put in her work at the gym. In actuality, she may be from Colorado, but I'm going to say that Bristol looks she is from deep in the heart of Texas. Those Dallas debutantes are no joke. You have seen the Cowboys' cheerleaders, right? Bristol is 20 years old and is a completely natural (unenhanced) beauty.
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She wins two awards: The Most Desired Breasts Never Seen and the Top Award for The Model Who Most Enraptured The Audience and Made Them Think of Sex. I had about 3 or 4 tied for that second award before seeing these hot shoots -- Steffe Musso (no nudity),and Ellen Kennedy (among the most completely nude) came to mind -- goes to show that it's not just skin but inner fire, and Bristol smolders..........I hope the any lucky men who were able to connect with her appreciated her gifts. She gave a lot of herself in these shoots and just want to say, Bristol, 150% appreciated. Pure womanhood.
DKX55 - 3 days ago
I think I found my definition of beauty in her
ArcuateCarp - 3 months ago
She's Got Legs.........And She Knows how to use them! WOW!
gojo885 - 9 months ago
What a beautiful lady!!! Amazing!
izy - about 1 year ago
here girl has view that she was not less 5-10 years with husbands married...
andrey1999 - over 1 year ago
Gorgeous lady! She has wonderful legs.
Tantrum - over 2 years ago
the wonder of nature
joeyz69 - over 2 years ago
She is so amazing!
Knaagje - about 3 years ago
superb model and photos.....
TigerWoods - over 3 years ago
I'd like to think of her as a Texan as well. Stunning Woman!
WayneCon - almost 4 years ago
catching air. this repetition. trance looping. in my head.
axiom49 - over 4 years ago
Many more sets would be welcome.
bigdave - over 4 years ago
Please more of her... at least 3 sets... she is too hot just to be once here... Please more more more!!! her legs are so hot...
haposai - over 4 years ago
I keep coming back to this set. I think Bristol is my favorite model here.
website2 - over 4 years ago
could be a sister of Candace Mazlin, who is my favorite set of legs.
rockhopper29 - over 4 years ago
most attractive girl in this site
Thorgal - over 4 years ago
....quiero ver mas fotos de esta chica hermosa ....quiero una igual para mi ...
alvaro - over 4 years ago
hot girl
Johnny Tees - over 4 years ago
The notes were regarding the redundancy that exists in this gallery.
Zach Venice - over 4 years ago
WOW!!!!!!! I have to have lots more of her!!! Excellent job, Zach! Although I do share Hunter's questions.
billmurraythebatman - over 4 years ago
Too hot for words. Lose the clothing...
moopieb - over 4 years ago
Zach, your notes have lost me, what is redundant and, more importantly, what photos were you deleting???
hunter - over 4 years ago
What an extraordinary find. Wow.
Whistlingfish - over 4 years ago
i disagree about the heels. I think they are hot.
arsmoriendi - over 4 years ago
good god, i just fell off my chair
darkfox7711 - over 4 years ago
bowfinger - over 4 years ago
Can we loose the Porn Heels, other than that a great set
BigPete009 - over 4 years ago
findher - over 4 years ago
Wow, she is really one of the greatest models here. You've got to do more sets with her.
website2 - over 4 years ago
Omg great gal
nasese - over 4 years ago
Bravo!!, I love the sessions in the street, nice job and beautiful model.
doctorlecter - over 4 years ago
beautiful woman .... this is fascinating ... I would like to know and be able to write beautiful things .... tell ....
alvaro - over 4 years ago
Perfect Beauty!!!
Jeep2011 - over 4 years ago
stunner !!! VS is calling !!!
tagsu3 - over 4 years ago
Good god
bluueyes - over 4 years ago
mden15 - over 4 years ago
Dammit, I need to change my underwear
hunter - over 4 years ago