Kerstin Dorsia Top of Kentner added on Aug 17, 2014

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The image of Kerstin Dorsia in my head is always accompanied by that of a high class lady. It does not seem forced or manufactured. I get the feeling she would still carry herself with an air of elegance had she been raised in the ghetto instead of Westwood. Kerstin sometimes works as a cage dancer at raves, which is an occupation I would never guess her for. But the duality that is Kerstin Dorsia is intriguing and lovely. Mulato Astatke's "Yekermo Sew" is the hypnotic Ethiopian jazz music on the bonus video.
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Bonus Video Clip

Dann thats a hot bod! Very glamorous and classy D'Arcy!
Kiwidude - almost 2 years ago
Kerstin! Come back!
Phorsythia - about 2 years ago
great music!!
phildemis - almost 3 years ago
great music!!
phildemis - almost 3 years ago
Beautiful lady
jimthetruckdriver - over 3 years ago
Lovely set, I just wish she was wearing a bra and could lose the blouse.
WayneCon - over 3 years ago
Looking good as always xxx
ahaywaal - about 4 years ago
just world stopping. Most beautiful.
axiom49 - about 4 years ago
Innocent,Grsceful,Gorgeous,Sexy and Fucking Hot! How can I download this wonderful video Zach? Cheers.
Curly - over 4 years ago
dam nice
carlpkeiffer - over 4 years ago
She has an ass that can only be described through poetry.....for her next set I would love a nipp slip or two :)
Lerez - over 4 years ago
Amazing video! I'm speechless...Kerstin's ass is so beautiful..
orlando218 - over 4 years ago
what a video!!! no words... so fine... please more of her...
haposai - over 4 years ago
in a word... Beautiful
blkgunnr - over 4 years ago
i love her...
Kaiser Rick - over 4 years ago
@Dogrock1, Kerstin does not have pierced nipples nor is on other sites. Please let us know who you are confusing her with.
Zach Venice - over 4 years ago
great music pick, Mulatu Astatke.
phoebuskdank - over 4 years ago
Absolutely stellar! She's gorgeous and this is a great set.
billmurraythebatman - over 4 years ago
I LOVE Puffy pierced Nipples... Kerstin has the most Beautiful Face,and most Beautifully color puffy nipples I've ever seen. Wish she would show her nips here in some of the classier she does in some of the more raunchier photos found elsewhere...Very Cute......
Dogrock1 - over 4 years ago
I love an ass like that on a white girl.
Johnny Tees - over 4 years ago
The balls are blue, so that means something. Need more of her!
moopieb - over 4 years ago
Kinda wish she got naked'r, but she's very nice.
jiffypop69 - over 4 years ago
Bichi - over 4 years ago