Samantha Rone Japanese Acid added on Aug 09, 2014

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Samantha Rone and I visit Mitsuwa Market and Rite Aid in this gallery. She showed me her favorite sake, which if you are unfamiliar with Japanese culture, is an alcoholic drink made of fermented rice. I do not drink much these days, mostly because I know how much I enjoy it and hate stopping. I am convinced that the world is in no dire need of drunk aceholes, so I will spare it my enrollment. On a completely unrelated note, am I the only straight man who really digs Lana Del Rey's music? Her style is so over-dramatic, superficial, and narcissistic, but somehow I find myself craving it from time to time. Perhaps, I will never be able to shake my addiction to crazy girls. Lana Del Rey's "Pretty When You Cry" is the song on the bonus video.
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Bonus Video Clip

Soooo pretty and soooo willing and you give us this video. Zzzzzz! Why? I guess that I am not an artiist enough to understand the art. This is the only place that I have been invited to make comments. Perhaps I should pretend like it (the comment box) doesn't actually exist. Except, I marked three (3) (maybe two) Hearts for you other Sammy shoots. So, I do like coming to your site and I will continue to do so. So, keep it up! Grazie Tanti
Dusty Roads - 10 months ago
Pics #76 #80. Wow, I'd love to walk in on that
dufreakjo - over 1 year ago
Samantha Rone has a lot to offer, a lovely girl who is all-natural and feminine. Sometimes I like the video better than the photoset, but here the video doesn't grab me.
Jando - about 3 years ago
Love those panties, and the girls not bad either.
carllfraank - about 3 years ago
Beautifully photographed.
carllfraank - about 3 years ago
Sheer full-seat panties > thong
Heliosphere - almost 4 years ago
I think there's nothing wrong with Lana Del Rey. As you well know there's criticism of everything. If it inspires you, it's right. just as Zishy girls inspire me.
axiom49 - over 4 years ago
Samantha has many faces... She's great, I'd like her back.
DenisU - over 4 years ago
you're not alone Zach. Lana Del Rey is amazing.
mochoman22 - over 4 years ago
She has that look, that look that oooozes "I'm fun"
m.rob13 - over 4 years ago
fully idiotism promenade horror cow teen in market!Stupid ass!!
andrey1999 - over 4 years ago
Lovely girl - but what a disappointingly short video...... :-(
Soufflet - over 4 years ago
Great looking girl. I would love to see more of Samantha
plug02 - over 4 years ago
Biography: Samantha Rone was born in Las Vegas Nevada in 1994. She is 5'7 and 116 lbs with a great pair of full natural 32C boobs. Samantha has long blonde hair and mesmerizing green eyes. She has no tattoos or piercings on her all natural body either. Samantha does a very good balance of glamour and hardcore scenes as well, and has been shot by such large adult sites as Twistys and Digital Desire.
richard_bone - over 4 years ago
aren't those panties just the best?
martymcbutterfly - over 4 years ago
Lana Del Rey is awesome... you are not the only straight man to enjoy her music :)
pale.ale - over 4 years ago
very nice and cute girl! want to see more of her=)
ExpUndead - over 4 years ago
This is another fantastic set. I can't wait to more of this girl.
ifd474 - over 4 years ago
Wow! That will be an awesome passport photo.
leoguy - over 4 years ago
A very lovely girl and I really adore redheads, a good set of photos
BOBW - over 4 years ago
This is yet another one that is outstanding in every way.
Diablo7 - over 4 years ago
Great set, you bring so much more out of these models than other photogs. And BTW, I get what you mean about Lana Del Rey. She's so beautifully broken.
rchangel - over 4 years ago
Samantha Rone is quite simply the hottest girl on the planet right now!! Nice gallery, thanks.
Jeep2011 - over 4 years ago
She just ooozes summer. Nice gallery.
moopieb - over 4 years ago