Cassidy Ellis Hard To Reach added on Aug 03, 2014

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Cassidy Ellis was understandably a bit shy. She had not done much modeling before this. Cassidy is 20 years old and from Denver. She decided to kiss her pizza parlor job goodbye in exchange for a shot at modeling in Los Angeles. Her ethnic roots are African, Peruvian, and French. Drake and Jhene Aiko's "From Time" is the track in the bonus video.
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Bonus Video Clip

Exotic look, perfect body. I'm willing to bet that she ain't gonna have trouble finding work as a model.
Pete Gas - about 2 years ago
hot hot!!
phildemis - over 3 years ago
This girl has mesmerizing eyes and if you can look away from them then her body makes you stare and gasp. What a Woman!
WayneCon - over 3 years ago
love the girl. mixes are wonderful. like a spicy masterpiece. I wish you would have gone with the beginning lighting longer.
axiom49 - almost 4 years ago
peruvian! she's almost my cousin! perfect.
perrochileno - almost 4 years ago
One of the most beautiful models ever, on this site! Shot number 18 is unbelievable!
tuna lover - about 4 years ago
A beautiful girl with an interesting background. I'm glad you got a couple of closeups of her feet in those cute sandals.
Jando - about 4 years ago
Lordy, what a body!
Humblepi - about 4 years ago
absolutely standout gorgeous!
Yakshaver - about 4 years ago
She's magnificent. It's a shame about the shyness. I'd be thrilled to see a better peek.
Rodd - about 4 years ago
Simply AMAZING!!!
ifd474 - about 4 years ago
strykerman - about 4 years ago
aicfuel82 - about 4 years ago
Dogrock1 - about 4 years ago
m.rob13 - about 4 years ago
My favorite girl yet.. ridiculously hot!
bluueyes - about 4 years ago
@bigran see caption for song info
Zach Venice - about 4 years ago
Oh My God! She is so HOT! Very sexy natural curves I love it! Can't wait to see more of her. Does anyone know the name of that song that's playing in the video?
BigRan - about 4 years ago
I would suck on her nipples like a little baby.
Johnny Tees - about 4 years ago
Wow!! What a stunner! Best comeback set by far! Congrats! Hope you can take many more pics of her.
Akerfeldt - about 4 years ago
Cassidy you are absolutely even more beautiful than any words can describe, excellent work.
persianj - about 4 years ago
For the love of God, please let us download this video. it's absolutely superb!
DT - about 4 years ago
Amazing model. Much much more of this one please!
dogfish4987 - about 4 years ago
Wow, she is absolutely gorgeous!! Love this set!
orlando218 - about 4 years ago
Oh wow, finally another set without a pregnant woman as the subject model. I hope that chapter is behind us. Nice set.
rockhopper29 - about 4 years ago
Amazing proportions, such a stunner. Great work.
aquaclutz - about 4 years ago
Ralurard - about 4 years ago
Just an absolute knockout, and perfectly presented. Hope she does much more!
rchangel - about 4 years ago
Has a lot of potential.
moopieb - about 4 years ago
scarlett jo look alike !!!! Beautiful !!!!
tagsu3 - about 4 years ago
Picture #76. Takes my breath away. More of her, please.
exmentis - about 4 years ago
I would say she has a great shot at making a shit-load of money modeling in LA. Just keep her head on straight, though.
bowfinger - about 4 years ago
If you have the chance, please take some pictures of her in leggings. Amazing body
leggingsman - about 4 years ago
when the video about "how to get the girls naked pose for you" will be release ? :D
somawawe - about 4 years ago
Insanely sexy.
Oh Yeah - about 4 years ago
Welcome to Zishy Cassidy <3 <3 <3 Only 2O yo, a wonderful body and a sooo lovely face, hope you will meet the right people and have a nice career!
TheDude - about 4 years ago
Fit as! More please.
thoth - about 4 years ago
andrey1999 - about 4 years ago
saturday night live!!!!
zishn - about 4 years ago