Danica Ensley Baby Beach
added on Aug 01, 2014
Danica Ensley Baby Beach - 1
Danica Ensley and I attempted a beach shoot as well, but it was not quite as successful as the indoor session. Halfway through, a rogue wave came out of nowhere and submerged us briefly. My gear took a licking but kept on ticking. This is a bonus gallery of the results. I highly doubt I will have the opportunities to make expectant mothers a frequently recurring theme. As the person who produces this site, I primarily use my own taste for guidance. Zishy would not exist if I never had listened to my inner voice to begin with.
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boobscup : Pregnant women are sexy too.I regret the lack of topless boobs and the pussy.Kind request,please be open minded,if you do not like the pregnant just go to another set.Plenty of non pregnant girls available here and the membership is not expensive. about 1 month ago
el_pobby : Please bring back Danica for more shoots! 6 months ago
johnproc : wow lovely sperm baby making time 11 months ago
Kailan91 : no nude boobies? they seem to be the best part about her imo about 2 years ago
izy : What a cute lady you are! almost 3 years ago
CART : Great! almost 4 years ago
joeyz69 : super sexy pregnant Lady.... WoW about 4 years ago
Parsboi : You have very good taste. I thought this girl was really sexy! Cute face, great bust, skin complexion and perfect background. Keep listening to your intuition Zach. Personally I think it's hillarious to see some of the comments for the random pictures in your sets. lol. I like the comic relief. almost 5 years ago
every_breath : Hope to see Danica again before 2015 ends. Would make for a nice treat or gift. Every time she appears, it's something to be thankful for! She's really special. about 5 years ago
WayneCon : Danica is sexy pregnant or not. Thanks for showing us a remarkable woman looking so good. The video was fun too. over 5 years ago
mr.sinsational666 : Shes gorgeous... pregnant or otherwise... so damn innocently sexy over 5 years ago
axiom49 : I just miss living next to the coast. almost 6 years ago
Jonnyninja : Just to let you know, I think this set is very attractive, very artistic , it shows free and fun. It always doesn't have to show to much to get your attention. But she is actually pretty hot. I be interested in doing a shoot or working for Zishy even doing a shoot with her. I think they have something going good. Keep up the good work. about 6 years ago
MortyD14 : In 2012 photographs she is beautiful and sexy. She seems to have a genuine and quirky sense of humor. Photographs capture this. Seeing her 2 years later, and expecting, is a treat. She is beautiful in a different way - but seems to be the same person. And, yes, I think she has that "glow" at this stage of her life. Very nice work. about 6 years ago
nineballing : If pregnant girls are not your thing, who cares? It isn't like this site doesn't have tons or non-pregnant girls to view. The answer is simple, just simply click back, and click on someone else. Keep the douchebag comments to yourself. I personally think the model is glowingly beautiful. And if you actually have had sex with women that don't charge by the hour, instead of beating your frustrated pecker off in your parents basement, you would know that most pregnant women want sex ALL the time. about 6 years ago
mochoman22 : this is the most hilarious comment section ever. about 6 years ago
bowfinger : So Zach does not want to make a lot of money? Art is very subjective. Its not arguing over politics. But people have opinions one way or the other, thumbs up, thumbs down, not enought tease, too much tease, too pregnant, not pregnant enough. Porn is becoming very 'artistic' in some corners of the net. But the arguments on this board are becoming very mean, the "one way or the highway" type mean. People would expect to see models shot a certain way since thats the way they have been shot since Zach started. So people have expectations, straight highway, not to curvy, just straight. OK so Zach throws a curveball, two of them. In the grand scheme of things, no big deal, so people don't get so worked up day to day about this stuff. Will we see pregnant midgets, super hairy unshaven girls, super skinny girls, so bony you can see thru them? who knows? Maybe chicks that tip the scales. Zach is an evolving photographer, cut him some slack. Not every set is going to push the right buttons, or no buttons. about 6 years ago
Dogrock1 : just boring, sorry... and for all you preggie lovers...LOL..you really think this is Hot??? My wife was Beautiful to me when pregnant.... but not to anyone else... about 6 years ago
hoosierpapa : Great set Zach! Apparently, some commenters think you started this site because you wanted to be a pornographer and make a bunch of money ... Take a hint guys, Zishy is a site of Zach's imagination and artistic fantasy that he has decided to share with those who are willing to pay $28 bucks! If you don't like it, no need to throw a tantrum like the baby in Danica's belly, just clear your cookies and move on. When we tell Zach we like to see more of something, and he obliges our comments, don't take advantage of it. Because he is in no way obligated to change his artistic view for anyone. If that bothers you, please take your money to another site. Thanks! about 6 years ago
Jumido : Hey rockhopper, I'll gladly send you the $28 so you can unsubscribe without taking such a big financial hit. It will be well worth it to not have to read any more of your moronic comments. about 6 years ago
tigger6285 : Here's what I say - love the set, locations, girl and bump all seriously HOT BUT I don't like blokes in the images ESP his arse crack FFS stop it - please! about 6 years ago
pavadigar68 : She's a beauty...loved all her pics! about 6 years ago
SuperMistuhG797 : Still seeing a whole lot of whining about pregnant women. If you can't find some sort of beauty or appreciation for this, then there is something wrong with you. about 6 years ago
TheDude : +1 about 6 years ago
Rubbl3z : Pregnant girls are not sexy? Who says this? What kind of snivelling woman-hater says this? Perhaps when you're fully pubic and your actually having real-life relationships with real live women rather than tugging your miserable pud at pictures on the internet you'll learn to appreciate actual beauty and actual womankind, because it's f*cking glorious, man... Zach, I totally appreciate what you're doing here, keep on doing what you're doing, I'm a fan for life about 6 years ago
zishn : shes a good model. pregnant or not. and everybody involved, except this comment board, seems to have a sense of humor. let go of your dick and enjoy your life a little, geez...... about 6 years ago
Rushmore24 : Alright, I don't get this either. I know some guy's wife may still look beautiful to him whether she's pregnant or not, but putting her on a site where people PAY to see attractive, sexy women in minimal clothing is a bit of a stretch. Men didn't come here to pay for this sort of thing. about 6 years ago
rdhdftsh : oh, look at my handle :) I like really these sets of Danica, and am also glad that pregnant sets are a small part of your repertoire. Keep up the good work, and you'll continue to gain subscribers, even if you lose a few here and there. I'm curious about why all the cancellers signed up in the first place though. Oh well. about 6 years ago
strykerman : Happy with the set, as usual. Disappointed by the peanut gallery. Keep it up, Zack! about 6 years ago
Lucky25 : @Jumido I second your sentiment. Zach, I'll gladly pay double for one more set "like this" so that we can finally weed out all the ignorant, loud-mouthed, bullies who are clearly here for all the wrong reasons. Good riddance. about 6 years ago
Oscar : Don't like it don't look but stop your f@#king whinging. She looks beautiful that's all that matters. about 6 years ago
Johnny Tees : Pregnant porn doesn't bother or fat chicks. I paid to see girls alone or with other girls like in lesbian style but I don't want to see a fu#@ng! bf kissing or some douche with an ass crack! about 6 years ago
Johnny Tees : Not very happy about this set. about 6 years ago
Johnny Tees : Why is there a dude in the picture!? I only pay to see half naked women, not some douche. about 6 years ago
Jumido : What a bunch of close-minded, humorless, crybabies. Is this the best gallery on this site? Probably not, but that has nothing to do with a pregnant model(she's beautiful) or some guy's butt crack( we all have 'em and we've all seen them and really, we ARE all adults here) so GET OVER YOURSELVES PEOPLE!!!! about 6 years ago
pale.ale : @Markus23 you know there must be a lot of pregnant porn if that is what rocks your boat. I did not pay a subscription to see pregnant women, this is bullshit. about 6 years ago
pale.ale : this site is gonna go belly up in 12-18 months tops. about 6 years ago
pale.ale : again trying too hard. about 6 years ago
fmj1987 : WTF Zach?? What's with the ass crack? about 6 years ago
Bogart : Nancy Reagan says, Say no to crack! about 6 years ago
cockynr1 : ok i quited my membership... about 6 years ago
dakeg217 : Dear complaint department: this is not sexy nor is it fun. Pregnant girls are not sexy. The guys ass crack is just thy dumbest thing I have ever seen on a site like this. The quality decline and general cop outs on the site are getting frustrating. If this session has 90+Images we don't want to see why are others sets of attractive girls broken up in to "parts" of 30-40? Sounds like a great way to put up two sets without doing the work. about 6 years ago
moopieb : I don't mind that she's preggers, what bothers me is how boring the layout is. As for the ass crack shot, funny, but let's not make that a staple of future galleries. about 6 years ago
edgarallanpoe : I like it. It's fun. about 6 years ago
bowfinger : Pregnant women are well pregnant. I don't have a reaction to pregnant women one way or the other, I just don't see them as being objects of erotica are even plain vanilla tease, because they are in a different stage of their life right now. Post preg, they usually get it into overgear as I have witnessed friend's wife's get super curvy and slim. about 6 years ago
Markus23 : Well I don't care what others say, I like these photos of this lovely girl. Its hard to find tasteful (and saucy) photos of pregnant girls. If Zach could find enough willing models, I would happily pay a second subscription to a sister site of Zishy if it contained photos like these. :) about 6 years ago
biggleswor : Is this a joke? Some dude's ass-crack!? Really? about 6 years ago