Gabrielle Bradley Free Beach added on Jul 04, 2014

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Happy Independence Day, America! Gabrielle Bradley is a fantastically upbeat 21 year-old from Orange County, California. Despite my worries, no one gave us any crap for dancing around topless with fireworks at the beach. Sure we, as Americans, can't walk our dogs in certain parks; our privacy is constantly being violated in the name of security; and big-money interests control just about every sector of our government. BUT we are allowed to burn Old Glory if we so choose. James Brown's "Living in America" is the song in the bonus video. You might recognize it from Apollo Creed's extravagant ring entrance in the film, Rocky IV.
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Bonus Video Clip

Any possible comeback for Gabrielle? I'd love to see more of her!
non3 - 8 months ago
All this flag talk... did y'all blow ur load yet?
adrianshark1187 - 12 months ago
No tits and no respect! I'm glad she's not my girl next door.
Steve L - about 1 year ago
compared to kneeling, which doesn't break the flag code. This does. But so does (didn't know this) having the flag spread out horizontally like they do with the Olympic flag. Hopefully that wasn't a cloth flag or she'd have to burn it. :O and not sure why looking at the Flag code = nazi's Claiming kneeling is disrespecting maybe because it has nothing to do with flag code but free speech. Still it is legal to burn the flag. Not that I agree with that. (ahem I did not rate this set poorly. Just airing my opinion) (gave it a 5)
PatrynXX - over 1 year ago
Is she hot.. Yes... did you disrespect the flag.. YES!! That's not a beach towel that she used it's a real American Flag... I know your from CA, and your type tends to hate the rest of us but RESPECT the flag and the blood that was shed for that flag and your freedom today.
Fasterbater - almost 2 years ago
I know this is old news now, but no one is saying you can't let the flag touch the floor, just that it's kind of a shitty thing to do.
Quacker - about 2 years ago
I hope y'all disposed of that flag properly. Next time, consider using something that has had less blood shed for it as a beach towel.
iamstig - over 3 years ago
The flag may not have been there. Disaster.
Gody222 - over 3 years ago
Hot Girl with a hot body and when she is surrounded by sparklers with just her panty on it looks like a virgin sacrifice.
WayneCon - over 3 years ago
The freedom they have to do what they did is what I thought this bordered land was about. But, you guys are the police. So tell us what to do.
axiom49 - about 4 years ago
Look if it was a beach towel everything would be cool, I am an army vet and I know what it is to shed blood for the symbol of our nation. She is dishonoring a real flag, not a beach towel, so either she is dumb as a stump, or doing it on purpose. In either case, the photographer is just as guilty of the disrespect as she is and should have shown more maturity and thoughtfulness in this display. Not good.
rockhopper29 - about 4 years ago
Any "disrespect" done to the flag by this photo shoot of a gorgeous girl pales in comparison to the numerous shameful things the United States government does while flying the flag high. Get off your soap boxes and just enjoy the lovely pictures
ThatGuyTy - over 4 years ago
Fire is cool. Yeah, yeah. Fire is cool. Heh. Heh. And hot babes. Yeah...
every_breath - over 4 years ago
m.rob13 is correct--while this is a fine looking model and a novel idea for a shoot (nighttime on the beach), care should be taken when using symbolic items, ESPECIALLY ones that represent our country. Far too many people these days are trying to water down our heritage and take the meaning out of things that people hold dear, all in the name of "having fun" or "not taking things so seriously". Well, some things should ALWAYS be taken the symbols of our country that so many died to protect. Too many fringe groups these days get that level of respect, to avoid "offending" their minority opinions--we should maintain that level with our well-established symbols and beliefs as well.
Rushmore24 - over 4 years ago
Apologies and I think the context should be analyzed. The flag is merely a SYMBOL of America. I leave it for you to judge if I was actually expressing any hate or disrespect towards America with the photos.
Zach Venice - over 4 years ago
The flag means different things to different people. Unless done intentionally, I cannot see it as that "wrong."
edgarallanpoe - over 4 years ago
I agree with biged72.
gtiowa - over 4 years ago
I agree with 'm.rob13'. The American flag IS NOT supposed to touch the ground. Being a former military serviceman it is an utter disgrace to me, and all my fellow servicemen & women(past & present) to see something I served under treated with such a lack of respect by the model and by the photographer. I can't believe she 'stands' on it like she does, let alone lays down on it. They are un-American and don't respect their country, and anyone who thinks this is cool doesn't respect their country either.
biged72 - over 4 years ago
Wow my new favorite Zishy girl!!!
m.rob13 - over 4 years ago
Great smile, killer legs! Just remember for your next shoot, the American flag isn't supposed to touch the ground. Lots of lots of men and women have sacrificed greatly to keep Old Glory flying high...
Redlegbob - over 4 years ago
I want to blow my fireworks on her.
Johnny Tees - over 4 years ago
Excellent display! The length of the video is fabulous... Thanks...
fitz9fitz - over 4 years ago
Nice set, Z. Love the edit on the bonus video.
Lucky25 - over 4 years ago
Yes, let's celebrate America by bashing people for lawfully expressing themselves...*sigh*
Lucky25 - over 4 years ago
Zishy: Come for the girls, stay to laugh at the nationalist idiots :')
Murasaki - over 4 years ago
Tits. Thank you.
MotleyFan - over 4 years ago
USA! USA! USA! I need a smoke...
moopieb - over 4 years ago
Nice, but Ashlee may have set the bar too high.
eyelwhyl - over 4 years ago