Eden Young And Sunday Worship
added on Jul 02, 2014
Eden Young And Sunday Worship - 1
Here is Eden Young and I taking risks near a place of worship. Her outfit seemed to portray a 'good girl', or whatever that means, so we found this to be a proper setting. We even ran into some of the folks who are part of the congregation. They were friendly and helpful and probably had no clue what Eden and I were up to. Eden's sweet demeanor can fool the best of them. Paul Desmond's classic, "Take Ten", is in the background of the bonus vid.
Eden Young And Sunday Worship - 2
Eden Young And Sunday Worship - 3
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Bonus HD Video Clip

rockhopper29 : Blurryface... is correct. she passed away at the age of 24. RIP Bethany 3 months ago
Taffy Lewis : @blurryface Or maybe the people insulting her might consider deleting their comments. 5 months ago
blurryface : Yo Zach, you might want to take these down. This chick is dead... https://www.ryanfh.com/obituaries/Bethany-Hnatuk?obId=8159161 5 months ago
MRLadyLooker : Kailan91, how do you know? Eden will not fuck you for free or even with a bag over your head! about 1 year ago
Kailan91 : hot chick but cheap whore almost 2 years ago
asphaltcowboy : Sexiness personified almost 3 years ago
radiofredd : 33 seconds why bother? Because that slow motion assquake and subtle striptease are delicious! almost 4 years ago
muttley : 33 second video !!! come on Zach why bother about 4 years ago
axiom49 : This takes me back. I took myself so serious during those days. and girls like this blew mind. and started other things. excellent. over 5 years ago
marcogiacinto : Very exciting session about 6 years ago
HammerHead : Thanks Zach... about 6 years ago
Zach Venice : songs are always mentioned in the caption (gallery notes). about 6 years ago
HammerHead : Does anyone know what song is playing while this delicious girl bounces her delicious ass? Seriously...I do want to know. about 6 years ago
BOBW : A beautiful young lady with a heart melting smile and a body to worship [no pun intended]. about 6 years ago
Rushmore24 : Zach, we are definitely on the same wavelength with regards to how you shoot, with strong emphasis on fine legs a common theme. Another great model with excellent athletically-toned lower limbs...and the rest is darned nice, too. about 6 years ago
fitz9fitz : Nice set. I wish the video was longer... about 6 years ago
Wigglewaff : Ding fuckin dong! about 6 years ago
ohmy789 : damn i know exactly where that church is! too bad i didn't see this im about 3 miles away from there about 6 years ago
billmurraythebatman : She is by far one of my all time favorites. Eden, if you're reading this, you are magnificent. Great job, Zach. And she kinda looks like Morgan Kibby, except WAAAAY hotter. about 6 years ago
persianj : Eden you are too beautiful for words to even describe sweetie. about 6 years ago
Weston 11 : Z, looks like you got a live one in the peanut gallery. I'm in for the Sunday service!Pass the offering basket! The video shows she has some graceful sexy moves. Thanks! about 6 years ago
sparksde : Very nice and doesn't seem staged...very natural. about 6 years ago
Johnny Tees : I want to suck on her delicious nipples and lick her ass. about 6 years ago
moopieb : Praise the lord! What a hottie! about 6 years ago