Carlee Delima Frat Slayer added on Jun 11, 2014

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Photographing Carlee Delima in her dorm made me reminisce about my own college days. That era in my life is mostly marked by failure. I failed at friendships, I failed at being a considerate roommate, I failed at holding a job, I failed at hitting on girls, I failed at relationships once I got a girl, I failed at staying focused on my studies. I failed in so many ways that eventually the only possible outcome was for me to develop some sense of maturity. Failure at that age was not from error in judgment, it was from the lack of judgment. Now that my twenties are behind me, I realize that failure was just part of growing up. If you can survive and you can learn, any failure can be converted into success. Luckily, here, Carlee failed to listen to the part of society that tells girls their worth is lost if they take provocative photos.
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One of my favorite shoots of yours.
pauldillenger - 7 months ago
WOW! God I love those yoga pants!
Tantrum - over 2 years ago
I liked your description at the beginning of the set... I'm glad I wasn't the only one that had a hard time in college as well. Thanks for sharing that bit of humanity with us Zach. Also, the last sentence is very true too.
Parsboi - about 3 years ago
I agree with Inmman small boobs or flat chested women are just as beautiful are large chested ones! Frankly I would love to see Carlee or someone like her with small or flat chested with their nipples exposed, I know this isn't really that kind of site for the most part, also I prefer the tease over the explicit, but I really would like a confident cutie like Carlee to show hers off.
WayneCon - almost 4 years ago
A touch of Olivia Wilde in her. That torso is awesome.
axiom49 - over 4 years ago
Also agree with Inmman! Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and Carlee is damn beautiful. And she looks like she's happy, comfortable, and having fun -- always a good thing to see.
ro - over 4 years ago
Leggings are always a plus.
mrbdgene - over 4 years ago
beautiful freckles, gorgeous butt shots. Long locks completely cover breasts. You tease way too much
every_breath - over 4 years ago
I tapped that
stevee - over 4 years ago
Impossibly beautiful. She needs a statue of her in every town; denying the world her beauty is cruel.
Snakeplissken83 - almost 5 years ago
I love this cute girl and her amazing fresh face. I love leggings and the lighting on some of those pics is perfect. I love her innocent young look. I could look at her all way. I also would like to see ALL of her. She is sooo hot! Keep the pics of her coming.
thoth - almost 5 years ago
Full naked pic is a must!!
g009 - almost 5 years ago
need a full naked of her ..come on man
puss23 - almost 5 years ago
I would do anything for her
g009 - almost 5 years ago
I would pay money to watch her do squats
jiffypop69 - almost 5 years ago
:3 hnnng :3 hnnng :3 hnnng :3
Wigglewaff - almost 5 years ago
I would kiss her ass.
Johnny Tees - almost 5 years ago
Such a hot girl, need more quality pics of her.
moopieb - almost 5 years ago
Super-duper sexy.
website2 - almost 5 years ago
Carlee you are perfect as usual sweetie. And as I'm sure everyone else has already told you a billion times but your butt is literally perfection, it is the perfect shape. Excellent job.
persianj - almost 5 years ago
I agree Inmman!!
m.rob13 - almost 5 years ago
I love big boobs as much as the next guy, but this lovely flat-chested beauty is a reminder that women with tiny little boobies can be every bit as sexy. She's gorgeous!
lnmman - almost 5 years ago