Whitney Westgate Love You Sun
added on Apr 27, 2014
Whitney Westgate Love You Sun - 1
Just when I thought that the yoga pants thing had been beaten to death, I saw Whitney dawning a pair and knew I was wrong. Her flexibility and natural curves required further exploration. These were taken around sunset and we probably blew a few dog-walkers' minds in the process. I can only imagine the envy that Whitney receives on a daily basis from other women. She is 5'6", slender but with curves in all the right places, and a perfectly adorable voice.
Whitney Westgate Love You Sun - 2
Whitney Westgate Love You Sun - 3
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Jando : I enjoy the text with these sets, as it's usually putting into words just what I've thought about a certain model, but haven't articulated it. So here with Whitney, one of my all-time faves. The curves in all the right places, the adorable voice -- well described. about 1 year ago
sprudl : wow, nice pics! almost 6 years ago
persianj : Whitney you are beyond beautiful honey, and your ass should be made into a sculpture for all the world to see....excellent set as usual. over 6 years ago
Johnny Tees : dat ass over 6 years ago
website2 : Beaten to death!? Hardly! There's nowhere near enough of it! ...and maybe some brand-name Lululemons, Zach? Really some magic to those. over 6 years ago
billmurraythebatman : I adore her. She's easily one of my all time favorites. This is a great set, Zach! And although I love the pros and I'd like to continue seeing them, but more amateurs would be great, too. over 6 years ago
Snakeplissken83 : Nice! Do more shoots in leggings, we like 'em!! over 6 years ago
m.rob13 : I'd love to see more amateurs less pros... over 6 years ago
Rubbl3z : Cash, if you don't get Zishy maybe stick to the free porn sites... the success of this site with many is in the tease aspect... not everyone gets tease or what makes good tease but, trust me, Zach has it down... there's often a reason why a lot of the free porn out there is free, of course over 6 years ago
Whistlingfish : Cash, if you'll read the "About" page, you'll learn why Zishy exists. That's what people are supporting when they subscribe. If you want something else, you're welcome to go elsewhere. I'm happy to keep Zach working. over 6 years ago
elportonative77 : Dude, Cash, shut up. over 6 years ago
Cash : Why pay for this shit when you can see nudes on free sites lame... Bring on some new girls over 6 years ago
Weston 11 : I'm not of fan of any of the pants or plummer's crack sets. I can see that at my work. I loved the last shoot of her in cotton panties. She's a cutie. More cotton panties please! over 6 years ago
Jscbgddy : Whitney is fabulous! You did great shots Zach! over 6 years ago
moopieb : Too short! Beautiful girl....need more!!!!!!!! over 6 years ago
xijah : Beautiful Set over 6 years ago