Tawny Henderson Anxiety Cured added on Apr 19, 2014

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Tawny Henderson is another girl who does not get scandalous very often for photos. However, I showed her the site and she was interested to give it a shot. While we were photographing in this quaint neighborhood in Long Beach, a guy in his twenties approached us and made it known that we were operating on HIS turf. I apologized for my ignorance to the ownership idea as it pertains to public sidewalks, and in his generocity, he allowed us to continue our photos. Fortunately, he was taken by Tawny's beauty and offered her the remainder of his marijuana cigarette (I think the kids call it "a roach") for her to finish. Tawny showed no hesitation in accepting his kind gesture and all was well.
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Tawny I am your Fan! More please?
coldcatz - over 3 years ago
Lovely... Here I am again, craving nipples...
ibaconi - over 3 years ago
Lose the shoes!!
Ralphy12 - about 4 years ago
a great balanced set. From the shorts to the counter top. 55 was wonderful.
axiom49 - over 4 years ago
Miss this girl...bring her back please!
Akerfeldt - almost 5 years ago
Much prefer the outdoors / public stuff so glad there's some of both in this set!! Good work.
tigger6285 - almost 5 years ago
I think this is precisely the pictorial definition of your site. Lovely girl, beautifully photographed and the subtle suggestive poses with no nudity, very nice, congratulations.
rockhopper29 - almost 5 years ago
What a beauty!!!
fitz9fitz - almost 5 years ago
Very nice!!
m.rob13 - almost 5 years ago
she looks great!!! hot!
Kaiser Rick - almost 5 years ago
22 and 23 are really great else I strangely prefer the ones where she's "dressed" and outdoor (quite like the first 5!)
AndyC - about 5 years ago
I love her! Her eyebrows remind me of Hilary Rhoda, and Brooke Shields of course. I hope to see more of her!
billmurraythebatman - about 5 years ago
she's amazing!
ltnalvr - about 5 years ago
I also feel the nude underwear works. It seems quite symbolic, if at least to our current perception of the human form.
wei55 - about 5 years ago
Brilliant set sir. Listen to 'The Body You Deserve' - HTRK ;)
wei55 - about 5 years ago
My fave set in a real long time. Made me a zishy believer again. My only problem is the nude underwear. It would have been a 5 star set if she had been wearing pretty much anything but that.
Glamponda - about 5 years ago
Tawny you are so beautiful that there are no words that are good enough to do your beauty justice. Just awesome.
persianj - about 5 years ago
Damn that was sexy...more-more-more!
moopieb - about 5 years ago
I would smother my face on her cute ass all night long. She can suffocate me with dat ass.
Johnny Tees - about 5 years ago