Claudia Quattrone Hero Barbie
added on Mar 23, 2014
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Introducing Claudia Quattrone. Sure, she is more of a glamour-babe than your average Zishy girl; but when I sensed her interest in being photographed for my site, I was not about to let her slip through the cracks. Variety is the spice of life, no? So one warm afternoon, I drove out to her home and had Claudia put together an interesting outfit for some outdoor photos. She dug deep into her large closet and whipped out these funky shoes. In no time, we were in business. No bra? No underwear? No problem. Claudia was ready to push the limits. It may not have been her typical FHM, or Maxim shoot, but who enjoys typical entertainment these days?
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she's very attractive, but can someone please tell these girls to stop doing that shit to their lips? it looks so abnormal and unnatural.
bjmbear - 9 months ago
Wow! She makes a wonderful "G" rated photo shoot !
wink - almost 3 years ago
(sigh) ho hum
wink - almost 3 years ago
she is very cool)
Jonny - almost 4 years ago
very cool photos!
Jonny - almost 4 years ago
Hot Sassy and fun.
WayneCon - about 4 years ago
The things that I would do... Perfect 10
Johnny Tees - about 5 years ago
She looks amazing in these sexy leggings
carmtp - about 5 years ago
You could fit goldfish in those shoes!
Chiroy - over 5 years ago
Obviously she's gorgeus...but the "pornstar" look kind of girl is not the reason I've joined Zishy. I absolutely prefer a more kind of "girl next door" look.
Akerfeldt - over 5 years ago
This girl is SUPRA-HOT, great set of photos
AndyC - over 5 years ago
Ironically she's heavily photoshopped on her own website, and looks much better all natural here on Zishy. What a beauty.
Humanicus - over 5 years ago
Those shoes are Back to the Future! Glamour babe with a fun zish twist, stunning figure!
Wigglewaff - over 5 years ago
She looks like she was built for fucking. Hot...
moopieb - over 5 years ago
Oh yeah, she has her own website - non-nude as well, implied nudity only. She sure is beautiful tho. Looks very different as a blonde, not that you'll her me complaiing :)
TheJAY - over 5 years ago