Geri Burgess No Pain No Fame
added on Feb 21, 2014
Geri Burgess No Pain No Fame - 1
Geri Burgess and I went rogue-style up in this hotel fitness room. Geri quickly became a distraction for all present and I could tell she found enjoyment in this. It takes a decent amount of confidence for a girl to be photographed without makeup, but Geri is a true performer and gives her all for the camera. Eventually, a member of the staff entered the gym to pick up towels and what not. He saw Geri and seemed to forget he was on the clock. He just stood there staring with a big smile plastered on his face. Very smooth, sir. But I suppose it was better than being asked to leave. I'll take a fellow perv over a lame-o any day. In other news, I'm making the last few dozen galleries sized to the new 1920-pixel resolution.
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Her skin is perfection. Her mouth and body, breathtaking. Her beautiful luscious throat, to die for. From a surface perspective, she is definitely girlfriend/wife material. I'm sure her personality is just as lovely as her looks.
rustcohle - almost 3 years ago
I think she's my favorite one.
rustcohle - about 3 years ago
Geri is very sexy and cute. Liked her very much in her hot white tights. Want to see her without tights also.
bbm3 - over 3 years ago
I can see why Geri is your poster girl for the sight, Quite sexy!
WayneCon - about 4 years ago
That reminds me, I'm behind on my core work. Let's say she's inspiring.
axiom49 - almost 5 years ago
sideboob, downbra shots, the sheen of sweat on body, sexy!!
conga133 - over 5 years ago
painfully sexy.
moopieb - over 5 years ago
Those pants needed to come off!
81satan81 - over 5 years ago
She needs to be done in something real sheer. She's a beauty!
valmar - over 5 years ago
I'm pretty sure Geri is my ATF on this site, especially after the champagne series. Zach, did you snag any video of this session? Would be pretty great to see Geri do some reps.
otto-otto - over 5 years ago
Come on, pls let us see her boobs. I joined solely bc of her perfection thanks
logan090 - over 5 years ago
Geri is the reason I subscribed to this site but this is disappointing
rolandtheroadie - over 5 years ago
Great tease, but I think it fell a little short. I was hoping for a little more exposure (yuk yuk). Or maybe the leotard could have been a little more sheer like the "Belle Knox - Beyond Shopping" episode which is my favorite of all the public teases thus far... I'm not complaining, though. This is a nice episode. It reminds me of some of the FTV shoots in the gym.
fitz9fitz - over 5 years ago
Love the new size! Thanks Zach!
wonka808 - over 5 years ago
Cute face
amart - over 5 years ago
Such a tease!
m.rob13 - over 5 years ago
superbe fille
Thorgal - over 5 years ago
Very sexy
Jscbgddy - over 5 years ago
Too Hot!
findher - over 5 years ago