Whitney Westgate Winter Guest added on Feb 19, 2014

Whitney Westgate Winter Guest - 1
Whitney Westgate is another one of these gorgeous quirky girls that you can't help but love. Did she complain when I asked her to shoot without makeup? No way. Did she moan about wearing a bra that she had obviously outgrown? Nope. She even gave my homemade walnut cookies a try and said they were great, which probably means they were tolerable. Honest opinions and sweet personalities are not the best dance partners. Hope this one warms you up mid-Winter!
Whitney Westgate Winter Guest - 2
Whitney Westgate Winter Guest - 3
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I joined this site on 01/01/2019. I'm absolutely amazed. All the content is great. All the models are unique and lovely. Best $30 bucks I've spent in a long time.
WillieJr - 2 months ago
another 5 star mystery
wink - almost 2 years ago
Love the chunky sweater, pants and stockings. Thanks. x
remigius - over 3 years ago
phildemis - over 3 years ago
love how you can tell her pussy was getting wet in 39, 50... so hot.
stylijedi - about 4 years ago
As cute as the blue stockings are, I'm that much happier to see them peeled off, for a totally nude, barefoot Whitney Westgate.
Jando - about 4 years ago
Zach, please more sets like this- cotton panties and knee high socks are a great combo on a beautiful girl! Great ass and crotch shots. The only thing that could be added is boots and a mini as a prelude. Thanks!!
Weston 11 - about 5 years ago
Needed more at the end...such a tease...
moopieb - about 5 years ago
#50 wetness if very erotic! More shots like this!
Jscbgddy - about 5 years ago
idk if this was a product of my suggestion to you but regardless LOVE the set
ihavenopatience - about 5 years ago
I like the bra too small idea!
fitz9fitz - about 5 years ago
Spectacular!!! Beautiful
m.rob13 - about 5 years ago
Thanks for another great shoot of this lovely girl
jiffypop69 - about 5 years ago
I like her without makeup! Beautiful girl :)
arsmoriendi - about 5 years ago
#8 is an amazing ass shot!
Weston 11 - about 5 years ago
Nice set, Zach! I love the cotton panties and leggings- great combo. Cute girl next door.
Weston 11 - about 5 years ago