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added on Feb 15, 2014
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Hello, friends. At the end of December 2013, I introduced you to Phoebe Keller. I was personally enamored with Phoebe's quirky, subtle sexuality; not to mention her thin-but-curvaceous figure. I will admit that I did not expect her photos to draw such a widespread acceptance, but it was definitely a pleasant surprise. Seems like many of you also value the whole gorgeous-nerd-vibe that she exudes. Now, I just hope there are plenty of members who can appreciate the infrequent gallery that runs light on skin. Eat at Yee's!
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dodpilot : On a scale of 1-10, Phoebe is a 9.8. With zero makeup and every possible hair fully grown out on her super pale fem bod (armpits, lower legs, upper legs, cunt, asshole, nipples, belly, bush, mons pubis), I'd probably give her a perfect 10. I would eat out her hairy asshole daily and lick her bare feet after no bath in one week. over 3 years ago
ramyel : not nice about 5 years ago
axiom49 : She needs a Ray Gun. about 6 years ago
pale.ale : ugliest pants ever made. over 6 years ago
AndyC : pretty girl... ugly white pants lol almost 7 years ago
moopieb : What could be...we'll never know... almost 7 years ago
Johnny Tees : No bare ass? almost 7 years ago
deviant68 : Awesome shoot! You shot this around the corner from my house. You can use my house next time almost 7 years ago
blindpirate : No skin, ok, how about a full on board Camel Toe then? She has the perfect outfit for it. Cute! almost 7 years ago
m.rob13 : Such a natural beauty, a little skin would have been great. almost 7 years ago
elportonative77 : @Zach I haven't been there in a few years but from I what I recall it's pretty damn good, especially the egg rolls. I drove by there today. Might have to stop and get something to eat when I get another chance. almost 7 years ago
ydderf2 : Her other photo set was better almost 7 years ago
raistlin52 : Not sure it was intentional, but upvote for the Donnie Darko reference. almost 7 years ago
ZachVenice : @elportonative77, we actually didn't eat there. how is it? almost 7 years ago
elportonative77 : Didn't take you for much of Yee's fan Zach. Nice to know you hang out around Ladera/Windsor Hills. almost 7 years ago
ZachVenice : @jiffypop69, good catch almost 7 years ago
Akerfeldt : Awesome girl and beautiful body...but like I said before, I don't like weird outfits. almost 7 years ago
joesnickers : Not always getting to see skin, and gorgeous models like this in public is why I like this site. That said, I'd like to see her naked next time. almost 7 years ago
voyeur13 : While I would love to see a little more of her skin, she's just too cute and sexy not to love either way. almost 7 years ago
jiffypop69 : Nice Donnie Darko reference ...I'm down with Ms. Keller...nice almost 7 years ago
hoosierpapa : The female form is a beautiful thing! A+ almost 7 years ago
Meltin : Mmm, love the variety, Zach. And this girl is gorgeous. Thanks for these. almost 7 years ago