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This job that I've created for myself, it has its perks. For instance, it is fabulous when I am photographing a girl and I can tell that, for whatever reason, she is getting aroused. I know its not anything that I am doing. I imagine that, from their perspective, I am just some pervy version of Charlie Chaplin with a camera. So what is even better than a girl getting turned on is when it is apparent she is having fun. If she is laughing, smiling, and coming up with her own goofy ideas, I know I am going to be happy at the end of the shoot, regardless how the photos turn out. Tristan Berrimore, you made my day. Make a girl smile and eventually you will see her vertical smile.
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Tristan, you are magnificent. xx Colors are great in the shoot.
ZIZI - 5 months ago
Great Legs!
gojo885 - over 1 year ago
love the upskirt poses! squatting in skirts with panties in full view.... with shoes on - stunning
kgjoe2010 - almost 2 years ago
Beautiful wow
tommygunn - almost 4 years ago
I agree with puss23, please do at least one full nude at the end of every set! It's so tantalizing to have all of the teasing, and I would really enjoy a little more... well... is it too literal to call it a climax? I think each set has a kind of narrative, and I think full nude adds quite a bit to that narrative.
straydogstrut - over 4 years ago
balls are blue and that's a fact!
moopieb - about 5 years ago
@bopop17: Although that criticism is only partially true (only 3 of the last 8 sets fit that description), it would be helpful to hear what you do enjoy and want to see more of.
Zach Venice - over 5 years ago
great ..zac do at least one full nude for every girl please
puss23 - over 5 years ago
So this site has basically become girls lifting their skirts/dresses up in public places? Dull.
bopop17 - over 5 years ago
So adorable, and perfect legs and butt also.
persianj - over 5 years ago
I Love Tristan <3
arsmoriendi - over 5 years ago
She is so beautiful
Akhil - over 5 years ago