Veronica Weston Vibrant Thing added on Dec 17, 2013

Veronica Weston Vibrant Thing - 1
Veronica Weston was fascinated with how her tiny pubes would poke through these pink tights. I was just fascinated with Veronica in general. If you look closely you can see how drab the colors are in my one-bedroom apartment. But I will bet Veronica's vibrant appeal diverted your attention and you would have never even noticed. Sometimes the girls can not be photographed at their place. So for indoor locations, I either use my apartment, hotels, or the homes of generous souls with whom I am acquainted. If you have a place to offer in Los Angeles, Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, or anywhere else for that matter, you should contact me directly. May be one day you will see your own abode in the background of Zishy photos.
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Zach ur a very lucky man to get such a lovely young lady such as Ms. Weston to pose of all places in your own pad. Kudos. Thanks for taking such lovely and amazing pics of her.
biged72 - almost 3 years ago
@nikes1 and sprud!, I couldn't agree with you more. This is one of the sets that got me to join.
andprinter - almost 4 years ago
@sprudl- you're not alone. Running shoes on a hot girl are perfection!
nikes1 - almost 4 years ago
More attracted to her personality than her looks. And that's saying something
axiom49 - over 4 years ago
great pics
sprudl - over 4 years ago
So sexy
kcsmooth - about 5 years ago
Almost perfect!
moopieb - about 5 years ago
A little pussy please.
henry88 - over 5 years ago
Delicious! Pic 4&5 makes me hungry for Tacos!
Jscbgddy - over 5 years ago
So good!
Glamponda - over 5 years ago
Great set.
mochoman22 - over 5 years ago
Fantastic photo-shoot, more of this please.
bluestreak - over 5 years ago
The only disappointment is that there's no bonus video
AusarSiris - over 5 years ago
veronica Weston so hot
tucker709 - over 5 years ago