Jayden Taylors Tongva Park
added on Dec 01, 2013
Jayden Taylors Tongva Park - 1
Jayden Taylors and I visited the new and expensively-constructed Tongva Park in the heart of Santa Monica. It is a recreational spot that can hardly serve any real recreational use. There's no soccer field, no basketball court, not even a large open space that could be used as a general-purpose venue. However, Tongva features pretty fountains and interesting architectural designs, so I knew I had to photograph someone there. Jayden was a perfect fit. Her slight figure and striking gaze lend to her posh demeanor. And even though the Santa Monica city hall and police station are right across the street from the new park, Jayden was as cool as a cucumber.
Jayden Taylors Tongva Park - 2
Jayden Taylors Tongva Park - 3
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Such a sexy sexy, panties, upskirt views.. beautiful lady. This is why I love this site.. sets like this.. upskirts like that.
Pantsu Teens - 2 months ago
Amazing, Classy, beauty and randy enough to show us her pussy. NICE!
Dusty Roads - over 2 years ago
Movie star looks, amazing.
marceire - about 3 years ago
Cool colors , dress and girl.
WayneCon - over 4 years ago
One comment was not enough, anyone who gives her less than five stars must be blind or jealous.
BOBW - over 5 years ago
This is the best set of photos of Jayden ever, the blue clothing and the setting is top notch, leaves the bikini and cream shoot for dead.
BOBW - over 5 years ago
just wrong. more!
moopieb - almost 6 years ago
Bring her back please!!
Akerfeldt - about 6 years ago
Beautiful photographs. Blue suits Jayden perfectly. I love the last 4 photos, perhaps a photo-shoot with her teasing her hair would be nice to see.
geofold - about 6 years ago
need more Jayden!!!!
xxx429 - about 6 years ago
Ummmmmmmm WOW
m.rob13 - about 6 years ago
please bring more
puss23 - about 6 years ago
What a beauty.
Meltin - about 6 years ago
wow wow
puss23 - about 6 years ago
She is amazing! Beautiful, sexy & sophisticated awesome woman! Fabulous photo shoot too!
Jscbgddy - about 6 years ago
esta diosa de tanga rosada, me la cojo
Bichi - about 6 years ago
nice legs as usually
humbert - about 6 years ago
Terrific set and great location! Jayden's poses just drew me in.
Substance - about 6 years ago