Tristan Berrimore Home Entertainment added on Nov 09, 2013

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Here we have Tristan Berrimore playing video games, which is obviously a fiction. We all know girls do not play video games. Let's not kid ourselves, guys. If you want to meet women, put down that controller and go to a yoga class or take some Salsa lessons. Go ahead and crucify me and talk about the rare exceptions to the rule. But never forget the reasoning behind the rule. Tristan was having a bit too much fun relaxing in the chair, so I suggested she get her heart pumping on the elliptical trainer. Oddly enough, it mostly just sent my heart racing.
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Sit on my face.
Johnny Tees - 7 months ago
Awesome set.
MyCupOfJo - about 2 years ago
almost perfect, again, more.
moopieb - about 5 years ago
Just luv the way Thistan works her ass!!
bigal - over 5 years ago
Tristan is a hottie. Great set :)
arsmoriendi - over 5 years ago
'scroll view', very cool!
wonka808 - over 5 years ago
Substance - over 5 years ago
I like the title of the set; home entertainment. The scroll is particularly helpful when viewing on my iPhone. Thanks Zack, you're all class.
Substance - over 5 years ago
'scroll view' = brilliant!
wei55 - over 5 years ago
I like the scroll view, thanks!
strykerman - over 5 years ago
Hey subscribers, check out the new 'scroll view' which is a blue button at the top of a gallery view. Let me know what you think.
Sharkee - over 5 years ago
Unreal. She is easily one of my favorites. A video of her one day would be really,really awesome. If for no other reason that her voice is so sexy.
billmurraythebatman - over 5 years ago