Lana Zuyeva Hotel Flirt added on Nov 07, 2013

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This gallery of Lana Zuyeva is a personally historic one. It was right on the cusp of me deciding what I wanted to do with my photos. I was having fun shooting all sorts of subjects, but I began to realize that the most fun for me was photographing girls being semi-inappropriate. I also noticed that I was enamored by images that did not show explicit nudity. It's not that I don't love naked girls. Ninja, please. I just prefer the nail-biting anticipation which can only be delivered if certain things are left unseen. Lana is from Russia and has one hell of a figure, not to mention her amazingly fun personality. She is almost as goofy and perverted as myself. We became friends after the shoot and I showed her my favorite 24/7 burrito joint and she showed me how not to drive a car.
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Beautiful and so soft and sexy....
imbigga1111 - over 2 years ago
Good breasts and legs and limber, Wow!
WayneCon - about 3 years ago
Definitely in my top 5!
larryirun - over 3 years ago
I just discovered these and she is SUPER gorgeous! I hope she returns.
billmurraythebatman - over 3 years ago
She has much to hide. Who wrecked the car?
axiom49 - almost 4 years ago
Large breasts eh!
AndyC - over 4 years ago
You dont often see a woman with huge tits like hers and who also has shapely legs. She has matured quiet well from these early pics.
rockhopper29 - over 4 years ago
what a shame, what a body, more.
moopieb - over 4 years ago
I like the bell-shaped pieces of glass. They remind me of a huge drinking goblet.
Mitch - over 4 years ago
this is one of my favorite sets ever :)
arsmoriendi - almost 5 years ago
Great summation of why this site is so excellent in the writeup. And wow, what a woman.
otto-otto - almost 5 years ago
Her breasts are 8th marvellous of the world. Again again...
GBLPROD - almost 5 years ago
JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. More, please! Lots more!
billmurraythebatman - almost 5 years ago
What a women! Need more of her!!
Eckey - almost 5 years ago
OH LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dogrock1 - almost 5 years ago
Wow really cute girl. Love her breasts, please do something topless or see through next. Wow!
Elizabeth - almost 5 years ago
I love the pictorial, very creative. I want to see more of Lana.
justincampbell112 - almost 5 years ago
Holy diver! Those Babylons could suffocate me!
Irieeyedjedi - almost 5 years ago