Piper Candless Sudden Morning
added on Nov 05, 2013
Piper Candless Sudden Morning - 1
The unique Piper Candless returns. She invited me to snap these photos at a posh home she was house-sitting for a couple of weeks. Every time I visit Palm Springs, I feel the enchantment Sinatra, Liberace, Dean Martin and countless others must have felt . It is a destination which forces a slower pace than the choleric state that Los Angeles often has you in. If I ever get the opportunity to shoot a girl like Piper again in this relaxing desert setting, you can be sure I won't hesitate.
Piper Candless Sudden Morning - 2
Piper Candless Sudden Morning - 3
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HenryJ : this is what I love about this site, discovering an undiscovered set. Stunning over 1 year ago
Ald3rson : What a perfect woman she is over 3 years ago
Revan : From her head to her toes, I'm addicted almost 4 years ago
waydownsouth : Oh Piper, you give me a hard on with nothing to start on. over 4 years ago
Bradley2099 : Neeed... more... Piper... over 4 years ago
Ithou69 : All-time fave... She is just lovely... almost 5 years ago
blowmemoore : Man, she would be one of my absolute favorites without all the random ink.. about 5 years ago
axiom49 : the "it" factor is soaring on Piper. The personality breaks out of the stills crazily. Surprised the mainstream hasn't snatched her up. over 5 years ago
rockhopper29 : it is a shame to put nonsensical ink on that little body. one or two tats are ok, but random graffiti like this is too bad. about 6 years ago
tagsu3 : hypnotic eyes !! about 6 years ago
moopieb : dear god, more please. over 6 years ago
Sharkee : heh, nope. what looks airbrushed? over 6 years ago
gotw : airbrushing? over 6 years ago
findher : Completely erotic! over 6 years ago
wei55 : tears of happiness over 6 years ago