Gabrielle Klein Halloween Recap added on Nov 03, 2013

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Halloween is my second favorite holiday. Luckily, I met Gabrielle Klein at the perfect time. She is visiting LA for a short while (from Utah) and had never been to the annual Halloween 'parade' in West Hollywood. It is estimated that half a million people invade Santa Monica Blvd. on this evening. I proposed to Gabrielle that we scrounge together a costume and go out to take photos. The first 52 photos in the gallery are from this year and the rest are from my archives of previous outings. Do not fear, you will be seeing more of Gabrielle without the makeup and even without the wardrobe! Hey, cut us some slack. It was a chilly October night.
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Fun set, thanks,
jimthetruckdriver - almost 3 years ago
Axiom has it right. Lap dances? Just a tease, and sometimes not even a good one. Dates? Waste of time and money, most of the time. This site? Personality. I love it. Especially this shoot.
Smokey - over 3 years ago
I liked this, and think this sort of content puts zishy at a different level than most porn sites.
lizardly - over 3 years ago
Fuck em. Keep it coming. I enjoy the stories. I seriously question spending 30$ on a couple of lap dances i've gotten. Or a dinner I bought a girl i didn't even like. But not for a years worth of stories and pictures. I don't care what exactly you do Zach. I just know I'm enjoying it more than most things I've become bored with. So keep on.
axiom49 - almost 4 years ago
Zishy has never been advertised as a nude site and will never be a nude site. Obviously, I see that most of you do not enjoy what I have done on this one. That is noted. But I will continue to experiment from time to time because I don't think anyone appreciates formulaic entertainment.
Zach Venice - almost 4 years ago
It should of been Emily and only Emily by herself, no one else.
Johnny Tees - over 4 years ago
moopieb - over 4 years ago
What a fun set. Gabrielle looks so sexy in those tights. Really like the close up of her with the make-up rubbed off, gorgeous. I love this site by the way, so different to any other site I've seen.
Ison13 - almost 5 years ago
Looks like a fantastic time. For the one who only wants nudity, you obviously came to the wrong place. Admit your mistake and move on quietly
travelinglites - almost 5 years ago
Zach, don't get turned off by a mere three negative comments (especially since one was offered so gracelessly). I thought this was a fun set, and a nice change of pace. I wouldn't want every set to be like this, but on occasion, sure.
otto-otto - almost 5 years ago
This add to the idea about what a waste of money and my time. You want me to look at 1506 pics of just people , and pay for it. That's pure BS!!! If I wanted to look at Halloween pics of just anyone I could have gone on Facebook. I joined this site to see the material you say you can product, not random pics. I 'm seriously questioning my membership for this this site. You cheat us on every other set, by cutting it down to 35 or 50 pics ,and you give me 156 picture of pure crap!!! Sometimes you show nudity in the other sets, and now this shit!! Pick which one your going to deliver, nudity or BS. If nudity I stay, if anything other I'll find other sites! The next set needs to be much better, and not just suggest a bunch of wasted time.
littletoes - almost 5 years ago
I agree with pale.ale
gtiowa - almost 5 years ago
Happy Halloween in LA
dohboy24 - almost 5 years ago
what is this set? Boring?
pale.ale - almost 5 years ago
Looked fun Zach - thanks for sharing the experience!
Jamspop - almost 5 years ago