Marketa Pechova The Chosen One added on Jan 08, 2012

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This Czech princess and I sneaked inside a hotel that we were not staying at and took these photos. Marketa Pechova enjoyed rolling around on the floor of the hall just outside a convention room. I can't quite recall what the convention was for, but I know it wasn't as exciting as what was going on just outside. We then went up Topanga Canyon Road and took some very risky (and cold) pics under the night sky.
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Not sure Marketa or Chikita (with or without the H.) as I know her. Marketa is more her Hegre name ie probably the real name. Can't remember if she shot with Luba or not. She is always fun for her interesting nipples :O Can't possibly make ugly faces :P Fun faces indeed not ugly
PatrynXX - 10 months ago
I am new to the site. Why the reluctance to provide more nude shots, it's obvious most of these models with minimal encouragement would be willing to pose nude?
Stig - about 3 years ago
Beautiful girl I especially liked the night shots, I did not like the ugly faces.
BOBW - about 3 years ago
I don't know how I just noticed this. Zach, these are fucking fantastic. She's gorgeous, and the night shots are particularly hot and they have so much mood. Stellar job.
billmurraythebatman - over 3 years ago
I haven't censored anything in a very long time. This is an older gallery.
Zach Venice - over 4 years ago
Zishy seems to be putting in more and more cover up are losing me. I get the concept of leaving some to the imagination, but this is just annoying.
Davemellow - over 4 years ago
Fucking green stars...what a shame on such a hot girl!
moopieb - over 4 years ago
Zach--would love to see these older galleries updated to remove the distracting censoring.
herne - almost 5 years ago
She is perfection personified. Please take more sets of her whenever possible!
persianj - almost 5 years ago
She also features on the British site and it's sister sites. a few thousand pics & videos there of "Cikita"
TheJAY - about 5 years ago
I published these back in Jan 2012. Sorry about that. No more stars in future posts, but I will probably not be shooting direct nudes either. And I will uncensor these when I get a chance. You can see what she looks like here:
Sharkee - about 5 years ago
no need for the stars. why the stars?
Nick Bell - about 5 years ago
More of Marketa please.
wonka808 - about 5 years ago