Noelle Easton Halloween Citties added on Oct 26, 2013

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Noelle Easton may be 18 years old and bursting at the right seams, but she has not outgrown Halloween. Heh, that kinda rhymes. We visited the fine establishment named Halloween City on this warm Friday. Yep, temperatures are still pleasant in Porn Valley. Noelle immediately attracted attention upon our arrival. A kind gentleman leaving the store offered us to photograph on his Harley Davidson, and even though we were in a pinch for time, we could not resist. Then inside, an employee pestered Noelle for a "sexy photo to make [his] girlfriend jealous". Noelle indulged him, because she's sweet like that, and the employee went so far as to lift her up into his arms. The place was crawling with people preparing for the holiday, but we managed to get a few photos of our own. Happy Halloween and do not fret, more Easton and her treats coming soon.
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What - no pussy no tits?
Brinck - 2 months ago
Agreed, one of the best girls on here
Maugwei - over 2 years ago
one of the best and hot gal!!!! damn it I want more like this !
DarkSerge - about 3 years ago
yes....I love her..
joeyz69 - over 3 years ago
gorgeous specially photo 37
atj614 - almost 4 years ago
dear god, why? more!!!!!!!!!!!!
moopieb - over 4 years ago
@Otto, Noelle says, "got them in Philadelphia at a South Street stripper store"
Sharkee - almost 5 years ago
First off, what an extraordinary girl. Secondly, where can I buy those panties? Or at the very least, what is that strappy v-shaped style called?
otto-otto - almost 5 years ago
Holy crap what an ass! Please a few nudes would be great of her!
persianj - almost 5 years ago
cheers :-D
pale.ale - almost 5 years ago
Yeah guys, was just explaining why I don't ALWAYS introduce girls as pornstars.
Sharkee - almost 5 years ago
@pale.ale while it's true that zishy type porn carries a similar social stigma to standard porn, the zishy stigma would barely even tip the scales compared to standard porn stigma. @Cryoniclegna, I dont mean to speak for Zach here but I dont think he was necessarily implicating you. I think it was just a personal sentiment he was expressing.
arsmoriendi - almost 5 years ago
Guys, this site isn't about resumes. She's lovely. No one cares what cubicle job you have, why do you have to duscuss careers at all?
r0000b0t - almost 5 years ago
@ zach... ya dude, totally NOT why I brought it up...but thanks for playing :)
Cryoniclegna - almost 5 years ago
@Zach .. Why is that a stigma? At the basic level, this site is also "porn" although "soft" and "artistic". Being in your profession, you really think working in the porn business is stigmatic? Cheers.
pale.ale - almost 5 years ago
So beautiful and adorable
Akhil - almost 5 years ago
I suppose the main problem I have with always mentioning that a girl has done work in Porn porn, is that it feels like I am labeling them as a 'pornstar' and nothing else. Most 'pornstars' get chewed up by the industry very quickly and I don't think the stigma should follow them everywhere they go for all eternity.
Sharkee - almost 5 years ago
Y'all know she's a pornstar right...
Cryoniclegna - almost 5 years ago
finally a new girl with a figure!
kdulce06 - almost 5 years ago
what a gorgeous halloween treat
gallifrey - almost 5 years ago
Terrific Want more
ifd474 - almost 5 years ago
What a beautiful girl. I would sign up for a site that was all Noelle Easton all the time. Can't wait to see more.
arsmoriendi - almost 5 years ago
Lovely soft girl. Want transparent lingerie...
Peerakuura - almost 5 years ago