Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines
added on Oct 24, 2013
Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines - 1
Upon editing these photos, I realized how the sequence makes no sense. Why would Kelly Lamprin rub lotion on her skin only to jump into the shower shortly after? Did anyone notice this oddity before reading these notes? If you did, you deserve a badge for being hyper-observant. I certainly would have missed it. All of my attention would be drawn to this incredible girl shedding her underwear and enjoying a hot shower. The water was so warm it made Kelly's bottom turn red. I found that to be absurdly cute. After drying off, Kelly rushed to her job at a local movie theater. Her clientele must have had no clue that they just missed the real show. BTW, a monthly subscription to Zishy costs less than a movie ticket. Just sayin'.
Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines - 2
Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines - 3
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Man oh man I'm loving Kelly. I'm very new so the newest set of pictures brought her to my attention. All I have to say is daaaaaaaamn
Minjanohawk - 11 months ago
Picture 51 is sublime ..... The moist pink folds of Miss Lamprin's labia slightly swollen and parted and peeking out at us from under her shapely ass. I think she likes 'showing' more than she lets on!!!
Wildbrit - almost 2 years ago
Bring her back!
sbv - about 3 years ago
Very Hot, but that earlobe mutilation just ruins it.
WayneCon - over 4 years ago
man so good
water69 - almost 5 years ago
HenryJ - almost 5 years ago
thank you , thank you, thank you, thank you
axiom49 - over 5 years ago
Love how she covers herself in the shower. So incredibly sexy.
maxwolf9 - over 5 years ago
When will we see more of Ms.Lamprin? I had forgotten how absolutely perfect she is and how blazing hot this set is.
billmurraythebatman - almost 6 years ago
moopieb - almost 6 years ago
beautiful girl, cute ass, love her beauty
Joecool58 - about 6 years ago
She is so beauty. And the set is perfect for me. Is not offensive, spectacularly beautiful and naked fair point to stimulate our gray lives. Sorry, google tranlator...thanks, Zach, for this daring and courage to continue on this way. Thanks Kelly. We love you
cassaassac - over 6 years ago
She is a beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fitz9fitz - over 6 years ago
Perfect... there are certain themes you use in sets that I wish every girl you shoot would do and 'girl taking a shower' is one of them. I think this set is incredible, everything comes together in this shoot: the choice of model, the photography, the pacing... perfect!
Rubbl3z - over 6 years ago
OUTSTANDING. I'm so glad to see her back!
billmurraythebatman - over 6 years ago
Kelly is the most amazing creature I have ever seen. Beautiful smile, wonderful shin, and a knock out body.
justincampbell112 - over 6 years ago
Absolutely amazing!!!
voyeur13 - over 6 years ago
Legendary. Jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Just stunning. Thank you to you and Kelly, Zach. Well done.
Meltin - over 6 years ago
long legs of Kelly are very pretty, the use of the lotion before the shower is part of female logic. You should not be surprised.
humbert - over 6 years ago