Natalie Moore Sand Crackles added on Oct 08, 2013

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Natalie Moore is originally from Maryland. So when I asked if I could photograph her enjoying some SoCal beach rays, the idea met with a resounding 'yes'. We made sure to first cool our innards with frozen drinks provided by Taco Bell, a proud sponsor of Zishy. I wish. Then we hit Playa Vista and turned heads at the basketball courts. I suppose they found me attractive. Once we got to the water, it did not take long for sand to crawl up every crevice of Natalie's. After moshing with waves, she rinsed at the showers alongside some kiddos. Even today, my car's backseat holds sandy souvenirs from this outing with Natalie Moore. It was worth it.
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Did her breasts simply grow from her initial work at FTV? Or did she get implants? Hope not the latter.
BilJo - almost 2 years ago
I would leave it in her...
Hornytxn - almost 2 years ago
does anyone know what Brand the sunglasses are? they're so cool...(for a lady friend of mine would be nice gift)...
smiley981 - about 3 years ago
Please bring her back
fmj1987 - over 3 years ago
70 is a winner.
axiom49 - almost 4 years ago
cosita mas rica!!! what a delicious thing!!!
wildboy69gt - over 4 years ago
what could be!
moopieb - over 4 years ago
Pic 71 and 72.. I am filling her balls deep with jizm.My lord shes tasty.
Peepingtone - over 4 years ago
So Sexy, wish she could take the towel off completely for just a few pictures!
persianj - about 5 years ago
Great set....Shes a keeper!!!
m.rob13 - about 5 years ago
What a beautiful woman!!!
HectorSD77 - about 5 years ago
I think she is fantastic!!!!!!!!
enimdel - about 5 years ago
what a gorgeous girl - and lovely sunny pictures!
Jamspop - about 5 years ago