Serina Cardoni Hello Dolly
added on Oct 06, 2013
Serina Cardoni Hello Dolly - 1
Did you forget about Serina Cardoni? How dare you. Editing down this girl's photos is such a painful process. I have an astronomically heavy trigger finger when she is in front of me. But hard drives are huge these days, so deal with it. I confess, when Serina proposed this outfit to shoot in, there was some fist-pumping going on in my head. The girl is stunning and is surprisingly modest. Every compliment I paid her received a softly-spoken 'thank you' in return. Hope this natural, laid back beauty brightens your Sunday. Serina, you have humbled me as a photo editor.
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Hair and body of a goddess.
R4COLLINS - about 1 month ago
now this chick is perfection
steviebaby669 - 12 months ago
Imponente !!!!!
elroro - 12 months ago
Shoot was in 2013 -- so we're 5 years later. Where are you Serina? Married, happy, still turning heads? Hollywood never found you? 90% of the time I enjoy the restraint. For her I found myself wanting it all to come off at the end. She, Sonya Ash, all in one day, wow.
DKX55 - over 1 year ago
miss her, hottest woman ever on zishy, not from this world...
oporto - over 1 year ago
Too Hot!
gojo885 - over 2 years ago
VERY HOT woman.. I put her up there with my fave Bailey Rayne
stormlord63 - over 2 years ago
I'm just seeing this beautiful woman now...she has the best ass and legs on this site. Heavenly!
pierre - almost 3 years ago
Could you get more of her in the name of art? Please? Or give me her contact info so I can do it, if you're too busy.
Icywrist - over 3 years ago
El amor de mi vida, hermosa!!!
THIRDEYEOFSAMAEL - about 4 years ago
Divine !
Alain - almost 5 years ago
incredible shoot. More ass stuff though with G-strings please
bjl12 - almost 5 years ago
Yeah, she kinda does have it all. Y'know....when the nipple escapes the material is much more powerful for me, than just exposing everything. just sayin'
axiom49 - over 5 years ago
One of your best shoots, with one of your best models! This girl oozes sultry and sexy, with one of the best bodies on this site or anywhere (GREAT legs!). This shoot should serve as a template for others--excellent work!
Rushmore24 - over 5 years ago
please bring her back!!!
somawawe - over 5 years ago
Superb body! more please
fishmarco4527 - over 5 years ago
I want girlfriend with ass of the same.
Johnny Tees - almost 6 years ago
Beyond fucking hot. Top 10.
moopieb - almost 6 years ago
You know what I like about this set...? Everything!
Glamponda - about 6 years ago
This entire set is just wow, but there is all sorts of special going on with picture 4.
cheeserack - over 6 years ago
there are no superlatives good enough for this...
persianj - over 6 years ago
Yep...Serina is why I just joined Zishy! WOW!
Master08 - over 6 years ago
Wow......More of her please...Love the nip slips..
m.rob13 - over 6 years ago
DEVINE with capital letters!!!!!!!!!!!!
enimdel - over 6 years ago
6 stars and then some!
dohboy24 - over 6 years ago
jiffypop69 - over 6 years ago
A very sexy shoot. I hope to see more sets of this wonderful girl!
andeswain - over 6 years ago
Unbelievably sexy!
Jamspop - over 6 years ago
That is one of the sexiest shoot I've seen. Too bad there is no video.
dionysos111 - over 6 years ago
She is perfect! Feel free to post as many pics of her as you want. Is seriously doubt that anyone will complain. This is my favorite shoot with her. Awesome job!
billmurraythebatman - over 6 years ago
What's love, if you haven't got money?
wei55 - over 6 years ago
bluestreak - over 6 years ago
Meltin - over 6 years ago