Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges
added on Sep 24, 2013
Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges - 1
If I had to guess, I'd say this pictorial will receive high marks from Zishy subscribers. Ingrid Hayes granted me the amazing privileges of 1)photographing her in her bedroom, 2)while wearing this sheer body and 3)without a lick of makeup on. I am not a religious person, but days like this can make a non-believer rethink his convictions. There is an acronym used by computer programmers called KISS. It stands for "Keep It Simple, Stupid". And that means you should avoid making solutions to problems overly complex. So when people ask me why I don't hire makeup artists, photo assistants, use fancy lighting equipment in a refined photo studio, apply 'artistic' effects in Photoshop, etc; I tell them to KISS my ass.
Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges - 2
Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges - 3
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Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges - 4
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Zach, is it possible to bring Ingrid back for another set, she is so beautiful and sexy, Wow!
paul1776 - over 2 years ago
nice girl <3
THIRDEYEOFSAMAEL - almost 4 years ago
it would be perfect with a video.
rafael - about 4 years ago
Can we see Ingrids I.D ???
muttley - about 4 years ago
Great set, Ingrid is just so cute!
WayneCon - over 4 years ago
The girls here are great. Ingrid is quintessential Zish. Some of the commentaries here are completely limp.
axiom49 - about 5 years ago
Regardless: where the content comes from is none of my business, and I will try to find you a link to another site because these do appear elsewhere.
ametheus - over 5 years ago
It is an iPhone 3GS and I photographed Ingrid in 2013.
Zach Venice - over 5 years ago
I have been surfing porn sites for a long time and have seen it all: there is nothing new, in fact a high percentage of galleries have been around for 10 years or more. If you go to Met they have a picture list of all the girls, I am very positive these have been around for quite a while..the I phone is the first model Apple produced and no one would still be using an older OS today
ametheus - over 5 years ago
@ametheus I am equally positive that you are mistaken. But you are welcome to provide a link here. Yes, Ingrid had an older iPhone, but no, you won't find her on MET-Art or X-Art.
Zach Venice - over 5 years ago
If you look at the 2 pics on the bed with the I phone....that is a first generation Iphone
ametheus - over 5 years ago
No: I am positive, I have been a member of both Met art and x art, I am sure you can find her on Met Art....most of the girls on this site I have seen on other sites...I have these in my collection already
ametheus - over 5 years ago
@ametheus, you must be confusing her with someone else.
Zach Venice - over 5 years ago
These pics have been around for years and are from either Met Art or X art, they are the beginning photos from a gallery and yes...she actually gets naked....I remember these and actually have a full gallery in my collection with tits and pussy complete
ametheus - over 5 years ago
sexy. need more.
moopieb - almost 6 years ago
She has a nice little booty.
Johnny Tees - almost 6 years ago
Amazing! The girl-you-always-wished-lived-next-door. Beautiful, natural, sweet, enticing. I hope for many more sets. And I truly hope she is as aware of her beauty as she seems to be. Thanks both to you, Zach, and to Ingrid for the wonderful display.
jerzey56 - almost 6 years ago
Very pretty girl, lovely smile
Joecool58 - almost 6 years ago
She is perfect!
ranger70 - almost 6 years ago
She is super cute.
voyeur13 - about 6 years ago
It was tough to tear myself away from the headshot (pic 29)
Soni - about 6 years ago
Gotta love a girl who is simply beautiful. I wish girls would trust their true beauty more often and not be afraid to let other see it. Excellent work!
strykerman - about 6 years ago
Ingrid becomes the little dragon set is the best, but this set does indeed prove she is simply gorgeous!!!!! The reason that I prefer the dragon set is because I love the tease effect in public & she did it fantastically!!!! She is worthy of her own site. I love this girl... Thanks Zach!!
fitz9fitz - about 6 years ago
Love her...nice retro phone too ;)
jiffypop69 - about 6 years ago
Wow! best set yet! worth the monthly sub just for these.... absolutely gorgeous! thank you!
Jamspop - about 6 years ago