Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams
added on Sep 04, 2013
Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams - 1
Nicole Wetzel has legs for days. Probably legs for nights as well. She spares the smiles in this gallery. I must have given her that direction. Or, perhaps she is one of those rare women that do not find me to be all that humorous. That's fine, Nicole. Be serious. Be Posh. I'm going to make you look tantalizing without even a grin. When you throw a short skirt and heels on a leggy 19-year-old, you are cooking with gasoline. I don't usually cook with gasoline, per say, but I do like the smell of it. Outkast says that everyone likes the smell of gasoline. I'm glad I am not alone on that one. And I don't think I'm alone in saying Nicole is spectacular with a capital 'S'.
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Kiwidude : one of my favs, love the hose almost 3 years ago
Clyborg : Those legs, just what I was looking for, love it! over 4 years ago
THIRDEYEOFSAMAEL : bonita over 4 years ago
rafael : thanks for this one! over 4 years ago
createreq : we want more over 4 years ago
michrisna : She is stunning over 6 years ago
moopieb : so sexy. need so much more. over 6 years ago
puss23 : please more of her nude please over 6 years ago
billmurraythebatman : I LOVE the pantyhose! over 6 years ago
website2 : disagree totally. the pantyhose are great. almost 7 years ago
brandon iron : Beautiful! Nice work! almost 7 years ago
Bichi : esta perra esta hecha a la medida de su concha almost 7 years ago
gallifrey : angelic and totally gorgeous almost 7 years ago
arsmoriendi : I have to disagree. I thought this series was electric! almost 7 years ago
humbert : those pantihose spoil this gallery... :-(( What a pity, because this girl was beautiful and this mini skirt was also nice almost 7 years ago