Lindsay Bare Motel Blues
added on Sep 08, 2013
Lindsay Bare Motel Blues - 1
Lindsay Bare was game to sneak into the pool area of this lovely Motel 6. Did you know that Motel 6 got its name from once offering rooms at six a night? If that were still the case, I'd be much more inclined to take the Zishy show on the road. In fact, as I write this, I'm at LAX about to head to Texas. I will be visiting family and intend to photograph another girl or two while I am in the Lone Star state. There's a woman sitting in front of me at the gate and I can see her butt crack from the gap in the seat. There is no way that she can't feel a draft. She must know. Ahh, ladies. That's all for now. Enjoy your weekend.
Lindsay Bare Motel Blues - 2
Lindsay Bare Motel Blues - 3
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Does she bite her toenails? Not that there's anything wrong with that, we'd just like photos!
Smarmy - 6 months ago
To "Dusty Roads": Yes, not you're the only one... But if Lindsay is not enough "big" for you, I recommend you see the big tits and ass elsewhere! Miss Bare is really cute and looks nice, and I'm sure, with this opinion, I'm not alone!
Amorph73 - over 1 year ago
MAN YOU BLOW MY MIND!! This girl has flesh all over the internet and you can't get her to flash her nipples are even a little butt. Amazing? Do the girls that show their flesh force you to take pictures of them or what. I really am just curious. And I'm sure that I'm not the only one. Truly!
Dusty Roads - almost 2 years ago
She has got a fantastic ass. Just wish I could see all of it...
Hirundo - almost 3 years ago
Oh, and we really need an update on Lindsay if she's still around. Please!
WayneCon - over 3 years ago
I hate to see the last set for a cutie like Lindsay, but I love it when they finally are down to a bikini. I known she was in her undies earlier, but a bikini outdoors is hot. I just wish there weren't so many shots with sunglasses on, it didn't look that bright out. As for the longer second toe, that happens in some families and hers are cute, I'd suck on those for her anytime.
WayneCon - over 3 years ago
Whoa....whats with the bad feet shots....'Shallow Hal' feet... 2nd toe bigger than her big
muttley - almost 4 years ago
A sexy girl and set including her amazing feet! Excellent!
fl00zie - almost 4 years ago
This girl is so talented.......there have been some lovely pics....shame she didn't get in the pool here....maybe there were other people around...........could have been an amazing shoot
simons - almost 4 years ago
Nothing better than watching a beautiful girl tearing off her clothes and lying around in a bikini.
jmy - almost 5 years ago
hot girl. boring shoot. sorry.
moopieb - over 5 years ago
Lindsay Bare is soooo sexy!!! Motel Blues definitly one of my most favorite galleries ever!!!
Jeep2011 - over 5 years ago
I'm continually impressed by every update here, ok maybe one or two don't quite do it for me but that's still a better strike rate than most of the premium sites I've belonged to... I hope Zishy continues to go from strength to strength, going on what's been posted the last few months I'm convinced it will
Rubbl3z - almost 6 years ago
I disagree, Bichi. There have been some great galleries in the recent past, imho.
strykerman - almost 6 years ago
I'd disagree. 5 of the last 15 are my absolute favorite galleries on the site, this one included. The other 10 are as superb as the rest.
edgarallanpoe - almost 6 years ago
Sorry for Zishy but the last 15 girls-galleries were awful
Bichi - almost 6 years ago
Beautiful Girl!! Her legs drive me crazy...I could spend hours just licking them!!
Artie1 - almost 6 years ago