Bobbi Vidal Soft Water added on May 29, 2013

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Bobbi Vidal has a very noteworthy body and it is completely natural. I look at her and I wonder how different an experience life must be for such an externally gifted person. It must be hard for her to find men who appear stronger than wilting flowers for her beauty. It must be hard simply to decide what to wear each day. Do you want to bring attention to your assets or do you want to hold back a bit and force others to judge you more on your character? Although I am floored by Bobbi's looks, the real beauty that impresses me is in her modesty. She does not act like a diva and is very easy to converse with on a wide variety of subjects. She also got in a kitchen sink for photos. That's worth a lot in my book.
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Beautiful lady in deed but the gallery is quite unspectacular.
Lasota - about 1 year ago
swaghouse - almost 2 years ago
Very beautiful woman! Puerto rican women are undeniably beautiful and sexyy!
triniandre1994 - over 2 years ago
need more of this girl!
dirtbiker989 - almost 3 years ago
Very beautiful in every way.
tomate - almost 3 years ago
pic 11... is my screensaver forever
muttley - over 3 years ago
I joined Zishy bcoz i love the way the photographs are taken..very hot sometimes, and tastefully "pervy" but not showing everything - sorta like the lucky view you get of Ur unaware girlfriend just doing day to day work, business whatever, sitting, bending over etc...I do wish of the some women would "show all" (so to speak) - but mostly the taste of the photos is so good - it doesnt need X rated stuff in it. Bobbi Vidal is a case in point. My God. Her "Bum" - as we call it Australia colloquially - is possibly the best on the whole Zishy site. Lovely face features too, and body - the whole package... and I hope a great future for a beautiful woman. Thanx Bobbi! :)
smiley981 - over 3 years ago
That bubble butt is to drool over and the rest is icing on the cake.
WayneCon - almost 4 years ago
Gorgeous feet!!
Ralphy12 - about 4 years ago
nice erotik resimler - about 4 years ago
ok, she's a classic.
axiom49 - over 4 years ago
Standing ovation for the many butt shots.
mrbdgene - over 4 years ago
my balls match her bra!
moopieb - about 5 years ago
That ass looks yummy.
Johnny Tees - about 5 years ago
joveezy - about 5 years ago
Posted 1 month ago and already in the top of the top 40... We definitely need more of Bobbi! Thanks Zach for these wonderful pics!
TheDude - over 5 years ago
That butt that could make you go rock bottom!
Daigoz - almost 6 years ago
Ms. Vidal is going to make me go to church! Her gluteus maximus proves there is higher being.
wcRzte - almost 6 years ago