Lindsay Bare Teen Loitering
added on May 18, 2013
Lindsay Bare Teen Loitering - 1
Lindsay Bare returns. She is a fantastic girl who gives me the impression that zero fucks are given regularly on her behalf. I asked her if she'd steal some shots with me at this local bowling alley. She was totally down. Lindsay didn't even mind that it is only blocks away from her home. I respect that level of nonchalance. The other day someone asked if I ever get kicked out of places where I shoot. Here's one example. Minutes into taking pictures in the arcade, a loyal employee told us we had to leave. Was anyone being harmed? Were there kids or even adults around that were being offended? No. Just the same, we were not welcome in their fine establishment. No problemo, Westminster Lanes. We'll take our photos outside. Shown here, is Jerry, an obvious patron of the alley who came out to pay a compliment to leggy Lindsay. If only he ran the joint!
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Lindsay Bare Teen Loitering - 3
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Lindsay exactly knows wtf! She not shows too much to us in her galleries, yet she's girlishly playful, irresistibly tempting, fiery hot every time. In this gallery, the 3rd pic blow up me, instantly! (I think don't need too much explanation that why.) On the 10th pic, the old guy goin' crazy to Lindsay's look! (I'm too!) Best pics: 15 & 24! Miss Bare is one of the hottest girl this site. Fact.
Amorph73 - over 1 year ago
Bring back Lindsay!
damndaniel - about 2 years ago
I know a Lindsay....shes hot it me or is it the destiny of Lindsays everywhere to be hot?
RedSolstice - almost 3 years ago
Very Funky wardrobe , but such a hottie.
WayneCon - over 3 years ago
this stupid girl taken single red noses from mother,peasant house land wild village in desert!!
andrey1999 - about 4 years ago
this girl is just beautiful specially pic 15, 16
atj614 - over 4 years ago
amneris - almost 5 years ago
too hot for a boring layout.
moopieb - about 5 years ago
Welcome back Lindsay! You are my angel <3
TheDude - almost 6 years ago
Looks very good.
Daigoz - about 6 years ago
gallifrey - about 6 years ago