Victoria Voss Stiffy Pop added on Mar 29, 2013

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Victoria Voss claims to be a total geek. She does come off as being bright and quirky, not to mention her archaic proclivity to read books. We shot these at her place in the Santa Clarita area. Since this shoot, she sorta fell off the face of the Earth. Her Twitter account is gone. She does not respond to any texts/emails. Rumor has it that Victoria has quit the adult industry completely and possibly moved back in with her parents. I wish her the best and hope that she sees these photos one day and cracks a smile reminiscing about her wilder times.
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Wow beautiful to see a model totally confident and not ashamed to hide her scoliosis scar xxx
muttley - about 3 years ago
I love pic 13!!! more feet shots please!
Ralphy12 - over 3 years ago
I'm glad she came to visit us. I wish her the best.
axiom49 - almost 4 years ago
Fucking pure sex! Amazing.
moopieb - over 4 years ago
Cyber is a douche
dohboy24 - about 5 years ago
Retouch her scar?! Are you nuts?! This ain't playboy, son. I want to see people, not paintings.
strykerman - about 5 years ago
Beautiful girl, lovely figure. I can only presume cybersaiya hasn't seen many 'real' girls, not a nice comment.
farmer22 - about 5 years ago
I wrote about this scar in the "not just a play thing" gallery on Victoria. Its from corrective surgery to her spine when she was younger. We all have scars, some bigger than others.
Sharkee - over 5 years ago
The scar on her back was a little alarming to me for a few seconds, but then it became beautiful to me. I love the reality of it and she's GORGEOUS.
billmurraythebatman - over 5 years ago
dude, please retouch the pics before upload, delete her scar on one of the photos
cybersaiya - over 5 years ago
Love this gal. Her body is yummy!
spoony - over 5 years ago