Jodie Taylor Orange Grove Pond added on Mar 11, 2013

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I took Jodie Taylor out to the Orange Grove Pond at the Cal State Northridge campus. It was a beautiful Spring day. Perhaps the oranges didn't look so hot, but we weren't there for them anyways. We wanted a nearby outdoor location where Jodi could just be Jodi in her recently-made cut-off jean shorts. I was distracted by the light, nature, turtles, and pretty Jodi, I nearly got a parking ticket for letting my meter expire. But somehow, the gods were smiling on me that day and I managed to talk the lovely lady, who was at my car when we returned, out of issuing me the citation. I learned on this afternoon how to use religious holidays in my favor.
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- @gpro listen; i hear ya'. but try to remember your trying to " READ " into the psyche of another human being. which in itself is a true talent. ( just look at the FBI Profilers at Quantico ).all im saying is WHO really knows what happened to her, in her past life. to mill over other people too much man. you'll LOOSE yourself in the process. literally have come across people in the industry / associations,etc. i'll say this much like zack said. people getting paid for sex isn't as much of a turn on in reality.maybe at home on a Desktop / Laptop PC per-say. but its NOT what it is.another thing to understand is some of these girls come from Literally a hole in the wall of middle earth USA and ( aka a small little town or a very big city ) and this serves as an ESCAPE from reality. others are doing it outta of " Attention " seeking or some irrational emotional event that took place before they offered their services in Adult Industry Film / Imagery. like i said there's more TO THIS SCENE then what we hear,read,view online. everybody stay safe, CHEERS !!!
LickingVickyVoss - 29 days ago
jodie, what a sweety! xoxoxo
gpro - about 1 month ago
Jodie... a girl with a face you would never think she loves get raped and spitted on. and big black dicks ripping her pussy apart. its so weird. i would never imagine a girl like her doing this. and then on the other hand i still find her kinda attractive (with longer hair not this short hair) and she is my age. eww. IMO i think during her teenage life many things went terribly wrong.
Kailan91 - 6 months ago
She's got a mysterious understated sexiness that takes some time to tune up to. When you do... wow!
radiofredd - over 2 years ago
I do love those redheads.
Tantrum - almost 3 years ago
Too many skinny women with almost no boobs! Need more Cassie Beckers, Noelle Eastons, Lilith Lusts, Emily Thornes, Danica Ensley and the super gorgeous Natalie Austin.
Subarucrazy - over 3 years ago
She looks some much hotter here than in the fishnet set. Maybe because it's brighter.
WayneCon - over 3 years ago
Absolute beauty! Very natural and subtly sexy. A set of shots with her flies 'accidently' undone would be incredibly hot.
Sidekicker - almost 4 years ago
Such a wasted opportunity to showcase of talent.
moopieb - about 5 years ago
Dear god, what a sexy girl with a great and amazing butt!!
persianj - over 5 years ago
Jodie looks so hot in those short shorts!
dohboy24 - over 5 years ago
Sexy as hell. 5 stars. Please bring her back!
arsmoriendi - almost 6 years ago