Logan Drae At The Biltmore Millenium added on Feb 25, 2013

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Everything Logan Drae does, she does with passion. She doesn't waste her time lolly gagging with things that do not interest her. Her energy is undeniable once you point a camera at her, she possesses a true showman's personality, which is essential since she tours America as a feature dancer in "Gentlemen's" clubs. I was feeling quite ill this whole day, but Logan's magic carried me through. We hit up the Biltmore Millenium in downtown LA on a Saturday night. I sold her on the idea that this was the hotel they used for parts of The Shining. I later researched further and found my information to be inaccurate. Nonetheless, we got some great pics, thanks to the beautiful Logan and the elegant Biltmore, a site that I recommend to all tourists.
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This site sucks,we are ADULTS here and alittle PUSSY or ASSHOLE is NOT porn
ASSmanJim - 4 months ago
sorry! but don't like censorship, Better not post at all. 1 Star as I have done to censored series. :-( Nb! Model is sexy and hot!
70andre - 4 months ago
Hi Zach please remove censorship stars
YoYo - over 1 year ago
C'mon Zach, supposedly we are all over 18, please remove the stars from the nipple shot.
Stig - about 2 years ago
She'd concealing a totally perfect body under those clothes. I don't mind. Sexiness is all in the imagination.
radiofredd - over 2 years ago
why the censorship ?
muttley - almost 3 years ago
A step up from the antique shop, that's for sure. She's one limber lady. Whoa!
WayneCon - over 3 years ago
axiom49 - over 4 years ago
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andrey1999 - over 4 years ago
wish you could find a flexible girl *************
rockhopper29 - almost 5 years ago
Lucky panties....
moopieb - about 5 years ago
Wow #41 all I gotta say...
arsmoriendi - almost 6 years ago
I love Logan drae lol she is so gorgeous :-)
vab - about 6 years ago
WOW! Gorgeous, sultry, more please! Hands down the sexiest model!
Jscbgddy - about 6 years ago
Easily one of the hottest models. I'd love to see a lot more of her.
billmurraythebatman - about 6 years ago