Megan Salinas Runs Pierce College added on Jan 26, 2013

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Megan Salinas is visiting LA, doing some modeling, picking up some spare change, yada yada. She is from Plano, TX. My home state. Although, I have now been in LA for almost 11 years, which makes up a third of my life. So I declare with confidence that California is now my home, specifically, this City of Angels. Megan Salinas is an angel, but she has a feisty exterior. She used to run cross country in high school. She kept telling me that she's no baby, that her running days were far in the past. But the girl is barely eighteen. I suppose its difficult for one to be objective about their age. She had just purchased these new kicks and so I made it a point to show them off. Pierce College graciously hosted us and gave us a pleasant surprise with its fogging fountain.
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Beautiful model and great photos...
TigerWoods - almost 3 years ago
The innocent look is a nice touch! mmmmmm
coldcatz - almost 3 years ago
Fabulous. went to see here wonderful breasts on ftv. came back, like her here better.
axiom49 - almost 4 years ago
Amazing beauty.
moopieb - over 4 years ago
yes, please some full nudes at the end would be so wonderful. Absolutely agreed.
persianj - almost 5 years ago
I agree!
aftershock973 - over 5 years ago
Wonderful girl.
friesian - over 5 years ago
A few tasteful nudes at the end of each set and I think most of us would be willing to subscribe. You've done nudes before.
Dave - over 5 years ago