Dora Flynn Like We Own Da Place added on Jan 22, 2013

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Dora Flynn loves Japanese culture probably as much as Gwen Stefani. She's a tiny one, barely pushing ninety pounds. Her background is Irish, Italian, French and she is from Vancouver. I caught her has she is currently giving Las Vegas a go and I was out there looking for mischief. Just as the title of this gallery says, we used the Trump Resort lounge area like we owned the joint. Dora flashed her thong, I busted out some shots, no one gave us any lip. Which makes sense since just about anything goes in Vegas. Thirty minutes before I brought Dora down to lounge deck, I spotted an inebriated couple getting quite inappropriate on one of the benches. Oh Vegas, how I miss thee.
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Dear Mr Zach, I just saw this group with the little Ginger girl. Pretty & cute. I try to be pretty straight with you when I write to you (as compared to her). So reading Angry Russ.., does bring up this about you and this site. I've said it before but in your blurbs you say things that do not prove to be real (true?). Here you said you took pictures of a couple who were getting down on each other. Sounds like you promising us a couple of slightly voyeuristic pics, which since they were being rather expressionistic wouldn't even have to be contractual. Kinda like taking pics of barely clothed starlets. But you also spoke of taking over the trumpy hotel and taking shots of thongs because we could. But where were they? So, making promises and then not keeping them could have made Angry Russ a little upset. I mean guys do come (spelled correctly) here to see some flesh. Now, I must say that thankfully, five years later I think you have become a little less prudish. Re: see Ms. Soonin's recent vid & even photos. Keep it up! In a very real way sometimes you do forget that there isn't anything dirty about sex unless one makes it so. Again, Keep It Up!
Dusty Roads - 7 months ago
she is A W E S O M E
microems1 - about 1 year ago
nice landing strip
HenryJ - over 3 years ago
21 21 21!!
axiom49 - almost 4 years ago
jch - about 4 years ago
jch - about 4 years ago
the dancing Drinking and many Whiscy rum stupid ass!!Idiotizmo!!
andrey1999 - about 4 years ago
Need to Explora the Dora more.
every_breath - over 4 years ago
Bring this cutie back! Please.
Johnny Tees - over 4 years ago
Super sexy. Need more pics.
moopieb - over 4 years ago
Love the mirror shot...she is pretty easy to look at
jiffypop69 - about 5 years ago
Nice set! Zach V. your a class act!
wonka808 - over 5 years ago
i think Russ is mad because he wants to see more. Personally I'm glad for the way you do things. This site is about teasing, and it does it really well. 5 star set by the way. Not only are these images sexy, but they tell a fun story :)
arsmoriendi - over 5 years ago
Imagination is a powerful tool once utilized in it's full capacity. I can check out a site like this when I'm masturbating and imagine that I'm banging one of these chicks in a quickie. Usually when you do quickies, you're simply just keeping the girls clothes and and pulling down her this site is okay with me....don't know what Zack is talkin bout. I do however think that you could use a lot more leggings and ballerina flats on the models tho since they have that girl next door look to them...but overall i give the website a 8/10. Plus you can't beat the price....I see this website growing in size and popularity over time. good job
wudjj1 - over 5 years ago
I like redheads models.Thanks Aleks.
Aleks - over 5 years ago
still waiting for the ads !
leeroyjenkins - over 5 years ago
Thanks for the expert advice. I will keep Zishy non-nude though. Fortunately, if you want nudes and $19.95, there are a lot of other options out there for you. You will be missed!
Sharkee - over 5 years ago
U did pick a pretty shitty method of doing things here. Grow a pair, show these girls nude, doesn't need to be hard core nude, but nude and high resolution original picks, and a few vids, charge. 19.99 a mo and you'll be all set. I'm done w this site as
Russkerrigan - over 5 years ago