Emily Archer Maintains The Lawn
added on Nov 15, 2012
Emily Archer Maintains The Lawn - 1
Little kids poke fun of redheads all the time. I imagine even a fine specimen of a woman such as Emily Archer was also the subject of ridicule in her younger days. Gingers are said to have hot feisty tempers. I have shot quite a few reds for the site, and I can't say that claim holds much water. For instance, Emily was an agreeable, easy going person who only got upset when I demanded her put down the hedge trimmer because I didn't trust a wild fireball with that kind of machinery. OK, perhaps she was slightly perturbed when I asked her if she was related to Carrot Top, but what do you expect from a Flame Brain?
Emily Archer Maintains The Lawn - 2
Emily Archer Maintains The Lawn - 3
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Gorgeous Red Head!
Tantrum - over 3 years ago
NICE colors in these photos. Love the yellow boots and top shes wearing. Nice job!
Parsboi - over 3 years ago
This is a fun hot redhead!
WayneCon - over 4 years ago
I am really getting into red heads .... Emily is so gorgeous. I love the 'unplanned' natural look of these pics.
Sidekicker - over 4 years ago
OHHHHHHHH MYYYYYY! This set is hotter than the 1st set. wow
axiom49 - over 5 years ago
A beautiful young woman, I wonder what she do with the chainsaw?.
BOBW - over 5 years ago
WOW Emily!! I really had to control my excitement watching this set. Emily is more than welcome to work in my garden + much more :)
geofold - almost 6 years ago
This girl is gorgeous LOL My favorite set with this girl
AndyC - almost 6 years ago
Another hot red head! Show more!
moopieb - almost 6 years ago
What a woman, what a redhead!
kamabrown - over 6 years ago
no words can say the beauty of Emily
abrogue - about 7 years ago