Rachel Snowflake Marigold Baby
added on Nov 05, 2012
Rachel Snowflake Marigold Baby - 1
Rachel Snowflake pulled this cute yellow dress out of her large, but well-organized, closet. It was a hot sunny day out and it seemed ideal to dress her in something colorful and light. Her extensive (and expensive) shoe collection also proved helpful. She explained that she has to keep the best pairs locked up tight since her puppy also has expensive taste when it comes to chewing on shoes. I believe I saw a $1,000 pair of mangled Jimmy Choo's. Rachel was fairly reserved when it came to shooting in public. But when she knew we were alone, she was very comfortable with showing off her sensual figure.
Rachel Snowflake Marigold Baby - 2
Rachel Snowflake Marigold Baby - 3
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What a sexy lady you are!
izy - over 1 year ago
So. close. to. falling out of that top!
radiofredd - almost 3 years ago
Hellluuhh Legs!
ILikeMoneyandPorn - about 3 years ago
Ohh... I falling in love...
DarkSerge - about 4 years ago
Legs! Looks great climbing stairs ahead of us.
John_4000 - over 4 years ago
Sexy girl, need more!
moopieb - over 5 years ago
just wow, again....
persianj - almost 6 years ago
To bad she wasn't wearing those heels(19,20,21). Still a great set.
wonka808 - about 6 years ago
do a nude on her / she is hot
puss23 - over 6 years ago