Danica Ensley Mighty Healthy
added on Oct 08, 2012
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Danica Ensley is a referral from her good friend, Jade. Danica was so excited to have her picture taken. When we first started, she was all giggly and elated. She had always wanted to give modeling a try. It took a minute before she was able to gather herself and get 'serious' for the photos. We took these in Santa Monica just outside of a local fire station. The firefighters saw us utilizing their plush green lawn and did not seem to mind. Danica was also hardly shy, and obviously has little reason to be. Her youthful, naturally busty appeal would make the most hardened fireman sweat.
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holdmenowandforever : Her body is absolutely breathtaking, perfect outfit to show it off over 1 year ago
SoloZoro : Her eyes are almost red! Amazing. You can see it very well in picture 31 over 3 years ago
CART : Cute ,more skin. over 4 years ago
radiofredd : Perfect example of what curves can do. Bring back Danica! over 4 years ago
Parsboi : I looooove Danica!!! Great shoots with her, Zach! over 4 years ago
WayneCon : Amazing body and a fun shoot. almost 6 years ago
axiom49 : 26 awesome! over 6 years ago
ZachVenice : how to talk to women (or just people in general) by rockhopper29 over 6 years ago
rockhopper29 : fairly good breeding stock. got the body, does she have the mind. oh I forgot, not that important in the breeding cycle. over 6 years ago
every_breath : she sure fills that jog bra well almost 7 years ago
AndyC : perfect body... ;-) about 7 years ago
moopieb : Almost a perfect spread, almost. Hot girl! about 7 years ago
Daigoz : Very healthy indeed! almost 8 years ago
gallifrey : pure gorgeousness almost 8 years ago